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thrift stores in paris and tuscany ?

I am crazy for thrift stores here in the states and am heading out for 2 weeks in Paris, south of France,and Tuscany...any idea if there is such a thing there? I heard that googleing "mercato dell usato" might help, but can't seem to find any listings of stores...just a kind of "craig's list"...would love any suggestions! mille grazie!

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Paris has a fantastic flea market, called the marché aux puces (MAR-shay O poose). I can't remember its location, but it's LARGE so your hotelier will know where it is located.

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In the Santa Croce church area of Florence (and I suppose elsewhere) we found a 'dollar store.' It's proper name was the 99cent store.

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I'm like you...crazy about thrift stores. European ones are the best, because you see such funky stuff we don't have here....YET.

I did a quick Google on "thrift store Paris" and "best thrift shopping Paris" and "thrift stores in France" etc. Here's a few links to get you started.

I'm not much for consignment shopping, having found they are pricey. I'd rather root and pick and peak and search through bins and racks and boxes of crap. Finding a cool item that way is...well, it's like heroin to an addict.

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