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Thoughts on itinerary in Cinque Terre

Day 1
* arrive in CT from Florence in the late morning
* Get to Manarola and do RS walk
* Nessa Dorma for pesto class
* head to Riomaggiore check in and do RS walk

Day 2
* kayak early
* Relax in Rio
* Hike Vernazza to Corniglia after 5pm
* Dinner in Corniglia

Day 3
* hike Manarola-Corniglia via Voltra
* train to Levanto
* Rent bikes to Bonassola-Framura
* Eat lunch
* Head back to Riomaggiore

4 active adults, experienced hikers and kayakers

Let me know if we are missing anything we should be doing while there. Thanks!!!!!

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I took the ferry from Monterosso to Portovenere and back and enjoyed getting the views from the sea. I was there for 2.5 days and just did one hike between towns (Monterosso to Vernazza). I preferred spending time in the towns walking around in them than hiking between towns. It looks like you're skipping Monterosso? I would spend and hour or two in there.

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Thank you. We are fairly avid hikers but I have wiggle room in our schedule. Maybe omit the bike trip and add time in Monterosso.

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Day 3 sounds like too much. We have rented bikes in LEVANTO at least 10 times and it’s always a whole day adventure.

Ride bikes to Framura,
lock up bikes and walk down to the marina.
Ride back to BONASSOLA. Lock bikes.
Hang at beach. (Picnic lunch)
Walk to point in Bonassola (small sanctuary), about 15 mins each way.
Walk into the little town for the best gelato.

Ride back to LEVANTO.

Or just the hike. ( done this at least a dozen times)
Train to Corniglia.

Walk up the hill to the town.
Go to Leesa’s for lunch supplies.
Hike to Volostra, eat picnic lunch at church.
Walk down to Manorola, take the Panoramic option along the cliffs.

Doing both seems kind of rushed. Just my opinion…

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We did the hike from Vernazza to Corniglia and from Vernazza to Monterossa. Each takes a few hours, anre challenging in spots and are spectacular!!! You won’t regret doing either or both!
If you have time to include Portovenere via the ferry you’ll like it. Underrated town.

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Thank you for the advice cause reading something and doing it are very different. We will eliminate the biking portion. I would rather enjoy our time and not feel rushed.

I changed Day 3

  • hike Manarola to Corniglia via Volstra
  • tour Monterossa and eat here.
  • Take boat back to Rio
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Last year we visited the Cinque Terre and based in Monterosso for 2 nights. We took the train to Riomaggiore and did the RS walk from his guidebook and in the process explored the town. Then we worked our way back on the train visiting each town along the way and doing the RS guidebook walk. It was a beautiful day and the walks were often like hikes with the elevation changes. Originally, we were going to hike between some the towns but changed our minds due to time limitations. With a third day a hike between 2 towns makes sense as does getting out on the water. We were there just a couple of weeks before the ferry was running - so we would definitely have used it and admired the towns from the water. Have fun!

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the walks were often like hikes with the elevation changes

I agree with that. In my 2.5 days in CT I climbed 265 floors. My one official hike (Monterosso to Vernazza) was about 60 floors. I enjoyed walking in the towns more than the hike, so I didn’t do the 2nd official hike I had planned.