Thello vs TGV

I would appreciate any input on these trains to Paris. I'm between taking Thello overnite and the TGV during the day. The trip will be next June as part of an extended Italy/Paris/London tour post cruise. I know we'll save a day by taking Thello, but wonder if missing the sights during the day is worth the trade off????? Should receive the latest RS Italy/Med Cruise Ports books this week which I intend to research thoroughly. Meanwhile, I am learning much from your posts! Thanks for your thoughts. Elena

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Elena Do you expect to be able to sleep on the Thello? Have you used night trains before? If you are using a railpass it is not valid on the Thello. Its a long old journey from Rome to Paris by day trains. I did it this Spring with a lovely break in Basel. Doing it that way we had two half days of travel and a lovely break. No issues at all with the TGV Basel - Paris, and none with the Freccia from Roma to Milano nor the Inter City train from Milano to Basel. Even though there was disruption due to a person hit by a train and we needed to divert around Olten we arrived on time. Well done to FS, SBB, and SNCF.

Posted by Elena
Wintersville, OH, US
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Nigel, This will be a first venture on European trains. Traveled on night trains in US...that would be Amtrak and itself quite an experience. As for the day train, my thought was to go from Rome to Milan, stay a day or so, and then go Milan to Paris. From Paris, after several days, we will go to London, the return home. Your thoughts? Elena

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Unless you have a particular love for traveling on trains over long distances for trips over 600 km my suggestion is to fly. I've travelled from Florence to Paris on the Artesia train a couple of times and don't care to do it again nowadays with so many low cost airline options. On the Thello it's probably 10 or 12 hrs from Milan. It's a night train, so little chance to see views. I don't know about you, but I can't sleep too well on couchettes and trains are noisy. Flying from Rome to Paris is only 2 hours and almost certainly cheaper. You can fly from FCO to Paris with Easyjet, Alitalia and AirFrance. Or with Ryanair from rome CIA to paris BVA. Save your European train experience to the segment from Paris to London. Much quicker than flying, once airport transfers and security procedures are factored in.