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The Drive from Siena to Lucca

I will be staying outside of Siena and will have a rental car. I would like to visit Lucca and I read that Lucca is appoximately 57 miles from Siena. I know that in Italy distances can be deceiving in terms of how long it takes to get somewhere. How is the drive from Siena to Lucca & how long can I expect it to take? Is it an easy drive? I will have a GPS and maps.

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The easiest/fastest way to travel between Siena and Lucca is probably highway up to Florence, then highway over to Lucca. It takes maybe 2 hours to drive, and you'll pay tolls for a portion of this drive. There are shorter routes (probably the 57 miles you mentioned), but these use smaller roads, making for a longer trip.

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My wife and I drove a similar route a couple years ago. We stayed off the toll roads described above and it did take a few hours, but it was a very pleasant drive. If you want to see rural Italy, it is a nice way.

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It's more like 85 miles and should take about 2 hours. I'm estimating time to get in and out of towns and to find parking. You can do most of it by the Autostrada. You can find exact driving directions and estimates for times and tolls on Viamichelin.