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The August Problem

My travel partner and I are planning a six-month trip to Italy next year - departing in April/May and returning Sept/Oct. So far, we've decided to include a month in the Greek Islands (Sept) and a trip to Barcelona.
In mapping out our itinerary, we keep hitting what we call "The problem of August." Every guide/site/blog seems to warn us NOT to travel ANYWHERE in August - to avoid crowds, heat and high prices. So what are we supposed to do with ourselves in August - assuming we want to stay in the Mediterranean? I've been to Italy a half of a dozen times - including Venice in winter - which was beautiful but freezing. That's when I discovered that the "off-season" is usually "off" for good reason.
Any ideas for the "problem of August"? Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have traveled to Europe many times in August, the best bet is to know your itinerary ahead of time and book lodging way in advance. Stay in lodgings for min 3 nights or more each to minimize all the travel, packing and general hassles of transportation. If you are staying at locandas or hotels Rick recoms in will not be a prob. with advance booking by spring.
I would like to suggest Santa Margarita Ligure or Cinque Terre making your way south to NAPLES
-Sorrento down amalfi coast then Sicily.lUCKY YOU 6 months in gloriuos Europe. enjoy.

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Maybe stay at some of the smaller towns in Italy. Stay in agiturismos to avoid large crowds. That would be my advice...

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In Italy the big cities are not very busy in August. Anywhere at or near the coast will be in peak season as everyone wants to be at the beach during the heat. If you have a/c to allow you to get a good night's sleep you'll be fine.

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Thanks everyone for those suggestions. I'm glad to know that traveling in August is not the forbidden plan that it seemed to be. I'll do some research on these ideas.
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