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Thanks travel Forum Members!

One positive on my postponement of my first independent planned trip to Italy, I get to do a do over on dream Italian itinerary! Thank you all Fellow forum members! Stay safe and lets all bunker down!

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It's so funny you say that. On the down side of rescheduling my May trip to the Baltics and then to my first RS tour, regrettably I will miss having dinner with travel forum friends with whom I would have crossed paths in Riga.

But on the plus side, I'm also going to take advantage of the itinerary "do over" by adding one day in Riga and another in Tallinn - a bit more time to do some things I found over the course of my research. At least it's some consolation!

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Some of us jokingly say 'we enjoy the planning more than the trip". Guess we are testing that theory now!

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Sooooo excited I get a do-over! I love to research and plan. Now I get to fix the "problems" I thought I had to live with. Yeah!

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I love this positive twist to our inconvenience! I was planning 5 days in Florence (I’ve been there before) and 3 in Rome (I’ve never been there), but I’ve already been thinking about adding a few days for somewhere south of Rome. I haven’t researched yet to see if this is a good plan, but I’ve certainly got time for that now.

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I too had to cancel a well planned (so I thought), and much anticipated trip to Istanbul and Budapest but now i am looking forward to redoing my itinerary and adding a few extra days in both cities.
With the benefit of hindsight I can make the trip so much better with this second planning opportunity :-)

Sadly, northern Italy will have to now wait until 2022.