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Terravision bus Termini to Rome Ciampino

Our Ryan Air flight leaves out of Ciampino at 8:20am on a Wednesday. I've used this bus before but not this early. I can't find the information on their website. Will Terravision buses be running early enough to get us to the airport in time for check in (at least 1 hour prior)?

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Amy - there are other "bus" options in addition to Terravision. I usually do not take Terravision as they are 8 Euros (I believe). I take one of their competitors and it costs only 5 Euros.

All the busses to CIA leave from the LEFT Side of Termini (if you're facing it from the front)and on two services you can pay as you get on. Takes about "30 minutes" and it's DIRECT from Termini to Ciampino.

Here's a link with their times...

You can see they start at 4:30 AM and are only 5 Euros. They pull up to the bus stop (I want to say #3 -- or was it "C"???) out in front of the airport where the ATAC busses pull up. They do not run as frequent as Terravision but I've never had any problem using them.

Be careful as you see the asterisks that denote a "side trip" to Tiburtina! You see their address: Via Marsala... that's where all the busses (Terravision included) leave from Termini. Hope that helps!


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Terravision doesn't have a schedule since their departures are so frequent these days...they're covering arrivals and departures for nine airlines at Ciampino. I assume they would be leaving Termini around 5:15 am for your Ryanair flight. They say on their website that Termini-Ciampino has "High departure frequencies, in correspondence with flight arrival and departure. You do not need to indicate a journey time due to high departure frequencies. Please note that this is a dedicated airport-city transfer for the airlines listed below. Ryanair; Easyjet; Wizzair; Voliregionali; Myair; BlueAir; Centralwings; Flyme; HLX. Note: for departures from Termini station, we advise passengers to be at the stop at least 3 hours prior to your flight departure time." If you are concerned, e-mail them directly at

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I booked this bus for a 7am flight and it never arrived (4:45 am departure) we ended up hoping on another bus company's bus and I was never able to get a refund from Terravision (this was 2 years ago) maybe they are better now but I thought I should give you the heads hind sight I would have rather gotten a little extra sleep and paid for a taxi instead of freaking out at 5am!