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taxis in Florence

We have a packed itinerary in Forence, and there will be a couple of times that we may want to take a taxi(like to the Brancacci Chapel after we've been walking and standing for 7 hours.) Can you hail a cab in Florence, or must you find a taxi stand?

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In Florence, we walked 4-7 miles a day (wife has a pedometer). We didn't see taxi stands outside of the train station. You just have to flag them down. Once you get into the historic areas, there are less cars and it's not bad getting around. Traffic can be intense is some areas. This will drive up the fares. Expect 10-15 Euro for any taxi ride. It's about 3.70 Euro to "drop the flag" in a Florence taxi. If you have luggage or go between towns, they hit a button and the fare jumps up 3-4 Euro. We did find them a bit hard to get. We are a retired couple and the walking was easy except for the Boboli Gardens.

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I am sorry, I threw away the phone number for taxi in Florence. Upon your arrival check to find the phone number to call, or, go out to taxi stand and in addition to getting a cab get the number so you can call for one. PS. the morning of May 31, approx, we were to head for train station and all cabs were on strike. Our apt owner took one of our party and our bags to station and we walked. Made in on time.