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taking the night train from verona back to venice.

We would like to go to the opera in Verona, but stay in Venice. Is this even possible. The first opera is aida, performances start at9:15 every evening and aida will be at least 3.5 to 4.5 hours long (it all depents on curtain calls and repeated aria's etc...._) we will be getting out around 12am, it's another 90 minutes to Venice. I have priced hotels in Verona and they are packed the nites we want to go, and what is available is expensive. Is anyone familiar with the train times? Is it even possible to do this ? Let me know you're thughts and posssible solution Merilyn

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I haven't even tried to look at schedules, but this seems unrealistic. Verona's train station is a bit of a hike and then trying to find trains to Venice post-midnight (and you're talking post 2am) means a brutal commute. Sorry I can't be more help.

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Doug is correct, go to this site to see the problem Verona (either of the 2 train stations that pop up in the dialog box) and Venezia (Venice), and you'll see there's no train between the 11:30pm and 4:40am departures from Verona.

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Merilyn, if you are going to Verona during the opera festival, then yes, rooms are limited and expensive. Have you contacted Hotel Torcolo?
The hotel is a peaceful stroll from the opera house or the Colosseum and is very neat,clean, well run, and the staff is very helpful. We think Verona is a real gem, you will not be dissappointed should you stay there an extra day!

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The Italian railways website shows the last train from Verona to Venice Santa Lucia departs at 10:18 pm and the last train to Mestre departs at 10:47 pm. Next train is at 05:15 am. Checked a few dates in late June, and the website doesn't currently show any special trains departing at later times during opera season.

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Marilyn - Via Michelin website says it's only a 1 hour 16 minute drive from Piazelle Roma in Venice to the train station in Verona. A solution for your trip might be to rent a car for one day. Then you could return from the opera at your leisure. Your hotel could probably suggest a good place to park until the rental office opens in the morning.

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As you've noticed, it can be difficult to find accomodations in Verona during Opera season, and what is available is very expensive.

One option you might consider would be to "base" yourself in Brescia, Padua or Vicenza (rather than Venice), and use a rental car to get back and forth to the Opera. That way you wouldn't be as restricted in travelling in the late nights, as you would be if using trains.

If you decide that might be an option, check with your Hotel regarding parking arrangements in whichever town you choose. Check the Italy guidebook regarding parking choices in Verona.

If you arrive a bit early for the Opera, you can treat yourself to a nice hot meal in Piazza Bra, which is just across from the Amphitheatre, or visit the "Romeo & Juliet" site which is close to Piazza Erbe.

Happy travels!