Take a look at my itinerary!!! Please :)

This is what I have come up with so far in my itinerary. Can you please let me know if I am spending too much time in one place or too little time at another place. Also If you see something I may be missing please let me know!! Oh and if you could recommend some day trips within a certain area that would be amazing too. I really wanted to stay a week in Switzerland but I am not sure if I have time. Would Switzerland be worth staying another week for or should I make that a separate trip another time? June 18- Cafalu June 19- Cafalu June 20- Cafalu June 21- Cafalu June 22- Travel Day June 23- Pasitano June 24- Pasitano June 25- Pasitano June 26- Travel Day June 27- Rome June 28- Rome June 29- Rome June 30- Travel Day July 1- Tuscany July 2- Tuscany July 3- Tuscany July 4- Travel Day July 5- Florence July 6- Florence July 7- Florence July 8- Florence July 9- Travel Day July 10- Venice July 11- Venice July 12- Travel Day July 13- Milan July 14- Milan July 15- Travel Day July 16- Lake Como July 17- Lake Como July 18- Lake Como
July 19- Travel home

Posted by Kristen
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I think it looks like a good itinerary but I think an important question is, what type of traveler are you? If you want to be on the go constantly, I think you are going to run out of things to see in Tuscany, Pasitano and Cafalu. If you are more of a leisurely traveler (like me), you will do fine. I will say that 4 days in Florence seems like a lot unless you are REALLY into art and will be spending a full day at the Uffizi. If you are looking for good day trips, try Sienna or Assisi from Florence. Pisa is an easy day trip too but not much to say except for the leaning tower.

Posted by Richard
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How will you be getting to Cafalu and leaving Lake Como? I seems you will be going through Milan and Rome so you may want to start and end your trip from those cities to avoid the extra transfer. It may not make a difference. I would add time to Rome.

Posted by Laurel
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Do you mean Cefalu Sicily and Positano? It will help when you make transportation arrangements to have the spelling right. Both Cefalu and Positano can be rather laid back places so it might be too much relaxing front-loaded on your trip. If Cefalu is your only destination in Sicily, it's a long way to go for just a few days. Personally I would add more time to Rome and Venice. You can probably drop a day or two from Florence. Depends on how many museums you want to see. Where in "Tuscany" other than Florence, are you planning to stay? I would not decrease my time in Italy to go to Switzerland. Add a week or take another trip.

Posted by christina
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You are right I did spell that wrong! I am going to adjust my itinerary. I want to be able to do things, but I also don't want to be crazy busy. I want to enjoy myself and relax but also explore! Do you have any other suggestions? This whole itinerary thing has been so overwhelming to me. Is Sicily worth the trip?