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T-Mobile Phone & SIM card in Italy

Is it possible to buy a SIM card in Italy that works for T-Mobile phones?
If so, where are SIM cards available?

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be sure to call T-Mobile to have your phone unlocked. Google this if you need more info about it.

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Hi, I have a TMobile phone and use it daily in Italy. Easy to buy a sim card. I got mine at TIM (one of the local cell services in Italy) preloaded in Euros. I can go to any TIM shop or many Tabachi shops to reload. Like another poster said, remember to get your phone unlocked so you can use another SIM. Before leaving I took my phone into TMobile and told them exactly what I needed to do (get phone unlocked so I could use it overseas) and they fixed me up. Good luck!

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You actually don't need to buy a SIM for Tmobile, which is called Orage in Europe btw.
You need to unlock your phone before using another SIM card. Then you buy a SIM card taht has good rates. Look for those taht have promotions. When I went to Italy last year in Oct-Nov, Vodafone has a cool promotion, double minutes if you spent 10EUR.
If you are in good standing woth Tmobile , they would give you the unlock code for free.
Be aware that not all Tmobile phones work in Europe. You will need a tri or quad band phone.