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Sunrise and or sunset from a vaporetto in Venice

Next week i will travel to Venice for a few days and while i am reading a lot in preparation i was wondering that nobody mention the possibility to watch the sunset or sunrise from a vaporetto, that is the sun shining against the Town so that it is bathed in that special light.

Anybody know if that is a thing? And if what vaporetto line would be the best? The time of course will depend on the specific day.

Thanks in advance

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Hi. Last week, Sarah Murdoch posted some pics on her facebook page showing what she called a zen sunset moment. Not sure if she was on a vaporetto but it appeared to be the view of the Grand Canal. Maybe Judy B will chime in.

The sky colors were multi and stunning. I would imagine looking at a map with E or W in mind would help - I admit I never have checked that out re Venice, but it now sounds intriguing.

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We have enjoyed the view of Venice at sunset as we rode the vaporetto back from Murano. It was beautiful. We stayed on the boat and rode clockwise all the way around the island to Ferrovia—-it was one of the lines (4.1 or 4.2) that goes around the outside of the island. We had great views of the lights coming on. At Ferrovia we caught another vaporetto to ride down the Grand Canal to the Mercato stop near our apartment.

We called it our sunset cruise.

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Next week sunrise and sunset will be around 7:00 am and pm (ish). So you'll likely avoid the rush hours. Now all you need is a morning or evening that isnt cloudy. Just have a look at one of the vaporetto maps to see which one you want to ride. Or pick different ones on different days.

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Take the No 2 vaporetto, as this route services both the Grand and Giudecca canals. Less crowded than the No 1 vap, which only does the Grand Canal and then to Lido..
The 4.1, 4.2, 5.1 and 5.2 vaps are smaller boats, giving less space to stand and admire the view.

Download the app CheBateo, gives real time timetable info.

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The no. 2 vaporetto would be best, I agree. If you want a stationary point for watching sunrises and sunsets, the top of the Accademia Bridge is particularly good - great view of the Della Salute Church.

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Suggestions to take the No. 2 vaporetto at sunset or sunrise seem good to me. My traveling companion had the CheBateo app on her phone allowing her to track arrival times of the vaporetto.
We saw the sunset on a hotel rooftop terrace and a glorious spectacle it was! Very worthwhile to find a good viewing place. I hadn’t thought of the vaporetto for this purpose as it is usually crowded. On our boat tour of the islands Murano, Burano and Torcello, we arrived home late afternoon before sunset.