Sunday in Rome

Everything I read says that everything in Rome is closed on Sundays??? Even the churches?? WHAT?? They are churches.. Sundays is a double shift for church here.. What is the real deal there?? I wanted to go to Mass at St. Peters on Sunday????? I know this is Italy I am going to.. but for church to be closed on Sunday makes no sense to me.. Are restaurants and other placer closed on Sunday?? Can you see Trevi Fountain or anything on Sunday? what does a tourist do on Sunday in Rome?? Michelle Campbell Valrico FL

Posted by Gerard
Temora, NSW, Australia
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Churches have a function other than for us tourist to wander through them. Since sunday is the day of worship, churches are open to celebrate mass but ""closed to tourists"".
So if you want to go to mass you should inquire at the website for the times. Sundays you will find the churches are generally open to tourist from about 12:00 to 13:00, they may close earlier. What are the sources you are reading ??? regards

Posted by Michelle
Valrico, FL, USA
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I am reading everything I can get a hold of I am a catholic and want to attend Mass. I do not see the Vatican as a tourist place.
I would think they want people to attend Mass Michelle

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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Rome is "open" on Sunday, churches and all. If you wander in during mass, be respectful. No one will chase you out. Museums are open, too: It is Monday that can be a problem as many museums close. The Forum, Colosseo, etc., are open every day (unless the workers at the Colosseo continue to strike). Be aware that the Vatican Museums are closed Sundays, except the last Sunday of each month. Rick Steves' Guide to Rome has a great chart with days and hours for the major sites. Check it out.

Posted by Michelle
Valrico, FL, USA
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You see Sir It has only been in recent years ( and I am showing my age here) that Mass was even said in the native language of the local people.. Before The second Vatican council Mass was in Latin no matter where it was said.. Part of a child catholic training was to understand what is going on during Mass. SO that any catholic could go into any church in the world and worship the same way. This was a custom and not part of the doctrine so it like many other customs is now optional. But if you are catholic you understand the Mass in any language.

Posted by Swan
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I Googled and found: saintpetersbasilica dot org as a website for info regarding mass times and all else regarding St Peter's.

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Michelle, you will find most things open on Sunday. Restaurants, most museums, public monuments like all the piazze and fountains are available. Mass times are different than what you might expect, so check liturgy schedules. Santa Susanna is the American church in Rome, so at least one Mass should be in English. My take on the Latin Mass was that it was a great equalizer because I could go to any church anywhere and not understand it. But I learned a lot about symbols, gestures, and liturgical movement.

Posted by Michelle
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Thank you so much Swan It is so nice to have people her that will help me.. Michelle Valrico FL

Posted by Charles
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Just returned from Rome and was there on a Sunday. Yes, everything was open, HOWEVER...the Coloseum had a "Strike" on Sunday morning and was suspicously closed when we had pre-booked underground tours. Coincidentally, the Pope was doing mass at St. Peters that morning, so who knows if the workers just wanted to take the morning off?? The good news was they honored our tickets and let us take the next available English tour. The Trevi Fountain is open 24/7 as it is an outdoor site and never closes unless they turn off the fountains at some point late at night, but there is no entry or exit point. Restaurants are all open.

Posted by Michelle
Valrico, FL, USA
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well that was a lucky break for you.. I do not think I will get to see the Pope but it is ok.. Michelle

Posted by donna
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Michelle, I think you should google "" It's the most perfect website for Rome imaginable. He even has large pictures of how to buy your train tickets. I use it all the time. He's listed good hotels, restaurants and all kinds of advice. NOTHING that I can think of is closed on Sunday in Rome! I've been to Mass at St. Peters every time I'm there. Maybe the Sistine is closed, but every other restaurant and site are open as far as I know. You won't have to sit in your hotel room watching BBC all day for sure! Rome is dependent on tourist dollars go to any Piazza and eat a nice meal and enjoy the fountains and have a glass of wine!! That's Italy :-) I'd stay away from the Trevi on Sunday, maybe I'd do Piazza Navona instead. The Trevi may be very crowded LOL but certainly not closed!

Posted by Michael
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When you read that tourists are excluded from a church during mass, that doesn't apply to tourists who want to attend the mass itself. I should know. We've been to mass several times at different churches in Italy - always on a Sunday. You just tell them you're there for the mass, if they ask. Then go in and sit down.

Posted by Barb
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After you attend Mass, consider Via Appia Antica. We were there several years ago on a Sunday, but it should be still the same I would assume. They close car traffic on Sundays so you can have a great day renting a bike and having a picnic. And I think the church of Domine Quo Vadis is open on Sundays there as well. In any event, it was one of our most delightful days in Rome, actually. And made better because it was Sunday.

Posted by maggie
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If you would like to see the Pope he traditionally conducts the Angelus from the windows of the Papal Apartments at noon on Sunday. It is a brief but nice service.

Posted by mimi
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Might be a good idea not to check a website 'defiantly' when hunting for
helpful info. lol!

Posted by Lesley
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Did you know you can apply to attend the Pope's general audience held on Wednesdays....go to for information and to order tickets. Make sure you book well in advance.

Posted by Michelle
Valrico, FL, USA
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I will not be in Rome on a Wednesday because if the tour I booked.. But I will go see him on Sunday if I can after mass Michelle