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Suitcase v Travel Duffle Bag(wheels)?

My boyfriend and I are going to Italy for 3 weeks and although most of the luggage will stay with his family in the South we plan to take the train up North for a week to explore but I don't know if I should put all are stuff for that one week in a carry-on size suitcase or get a duffle bag with wheels? Please advise. Thanks!

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In my opinion, you do not need a duffle on wheels for one week's worth of clothing. A day pack should work fine. Think less and enjoy more.

2-3 tops, 1-2 bottoms, 2-3 panties and bras. then cosmetics and you are done. Bring Woolite to wash, Fini.

I'm guessing you are talking about travel in the summer, so I've based my suggestion for packing on that.

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I'd suggest reading thru Rick's book "Europe Thru the Back Door". Whether your going for a week or 10 weeks, all you need to bring is a week's worth of stuff. You can do laundry, and buy resupplies of other things that run out. By "most of the luggage will stay" I'm getting the impression you're planning on bringing a lot. A Rick says, nobody goes on a few trips and says "I brought more each time!" My personal preference is for Rick's convertible bag (convertible meaning you can use it as a backpack or carry it). If you go to Tuscany many of the old towns are cobblestone and rolling wheels don't work so well; hauling a suitcase by its handle gets tiring after a few hundred yards. But you can walk with 20 lbs on your back all day if needed.

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Well I only take my Rick Steves 'Back Door Bag' that converts into a backback for all of my month long travels. If you are only going for a week-long side trip, take the small bag. Consider using the laundramats if needed.

Wheels tend not to work to well in Italy with the cobbled streets. You may end up being frustrated with it in the end.

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Hi Jenny,
How about a carry-on sized suitcase with wheels? I find mine easy to lift on and off trains and easier to stow once I'm aboard. It is also easier for me to roll it along city streets than if I had to carry it. I like to save my knees for more important things.