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Suggestions please for best places to take pix

I'll be in Italy in early Sept and I'm an amateur photographer. Just wondering if any of you seasoned Italy travelers can recommend some outstanding places to take pictures. I saw a topic about where the views are photo worthy in Rome and it gave me some good ideas for Rome but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend other photo worthy vantage points from which to take photos in the other towns I'll be traveling to (Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Orvieto, Volterra, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza, Lucca & Montalcino, Montepulciano). If a town has a tower, I'm planning to climb it as I know the views will certainly be spectacular but can you suggest any other places within each of these towns that I might not be aware of? For instance, I know that in Siena, in addition to the view from the Torre del Mangia, the view is also nice from the Duomo Museum. Thanks for your input.

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It's hard to identify specific locations for getting good photos, as there are SO MANY subjects, especially in Italy! In addition to the architecture and famous sights, there are usually lots of interesting street scenes and people. Those who have a well developed "Photographers eye" seem to be the ones getting some great shots! I'm still working to perfect that skill.

One comment about photos from towers or other high places (roof of St. Peter's, views into the valley from Orvieto, view of the villages in the C.T., etc.) - often the weather, lighting and time-of-day will be factors to consider as many times there's a bit of haze which tends to affect the view to some extent. A Circular Polarizing Filter can help to minimize haze and clarify the view. This is one effect that CAN'T be corrected in post production.

Happy travels and happy shooting!

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EVERYWHERE you look will be a photograph waiting to be taken. It is hard to take a bad photograph in Italy. If you have a digital camera, take all the shots you want and review them at the end of the day, then delete the less than spectacular ones. Try taking pictures from vantage points other than at eye level or zoom in to capture the detail of a piece of Roman architecture. The light on the architecture and countryside will be spectacular in the early morning and in the evening. Try taking pictures of the everyday life of the people (discreetly of course). Whatever you do, don't take pictures of the tourists, they are uninteresting as subjects.

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If you have some extra money to budget you could try this tour for Rome.

While driving in Tuscany we noticed photographers setting up their tripods in the fields late in the evening to take advantage of the lighting. This was somewhere between Pienza and Cortona but there are many spots as you drive through Tuscany that would catch your eye for good spots to photograph.

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Hi Sheron,
In the CT my favorite photos are of the towns from the boat ride. Also, the classic view of Vernazza from the trail just north of town toward Monterosso (just walk up the trail until you see the shot of Vernazza that you want and come back down if you don't want to walk the trail). I love to take photos framed by arches and have some great ones from some of the places you will be visiting. In Varenna (Lake Como) just walk along the waterfront walkway and there is an arch that frames the lake, mountains and boats. In Sienna there are arches all around the Campo. Just walk thru some of the arches and turn around for a great view of the Tower framed by the arch. In Lucca you can get a great shot of the Piazza dell Anfiteatro (old Roman Amphitheater) thru one of the arches that surrounds it. Also in Lucca climb the tower that has trees at the top for great views of the town roofs with a tree in the foreground.
Have fun! Teri