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Storing credit card info on Trenitalia app

I’ve set up my account on the Trenitalia App but for the likes of me, cannot see where to enter my payment info. I tap “my payment methods” and it says I currently have no payment methods. I’ve tried Google for help.
Do I just need to book a ticket first and then enter payment, and then save it?

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Maybe try signing into your account on a PC or Tablet and see if the options are there? I think I set up my account on a PC first and have not had any issues.

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I set up account on my desktop computer
And I think you have to do a purchase first then save

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I recently purchased train tickets on Trenitalia App and when it came time for payment, there were several options. Apple Pay was one of them so that’s what I used as I already had my credit card info in my phone’s wallet. Super easy. There is also an option to enter a credit card number if you prefer that option.

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Thanks! I’ll try on my PC. I’m also ready to book one ticket.

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Similar issue for me. Info on their website states you have to make a purchase first:(

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Yes, unfortunately you do have to make a purchase first. I finally decided to make a small purchase on my app, selecting quick payment option and it allowed me to enter my card then it would be saved for future purchases. I bought a ticket from Pisa to Lucca for a day and time that I think we will use, but it was only 3.70 euro so if I lose it, oh well. Might be throwing money away, but I couldn't think of how else to do it. I don't use apple pay or android pay.

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If anyone wants to buy a throwaway ticket, I think the cheapest option is a regional train between two train stations in the same city. I paid 1 euro yesterday to travel from Roma Ostiense to Roma Termini.

Incidentally, that's the easiest way to get back near Termini from Eataly. There are steps down to the Ostiense station (which is marked with an "M" Metro sign for--I assume--historical reasons I do not grasp) not far outside the entrance to Eataly. Exit Eataly and turn right.