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Staying in Rome

Family of 5 Adults need moderate place to stay in Rome for 2 days max. Any suggestions? and Has anyone heard of Suore Francescane Della Croce, / How far is it from Rome? Is this a reasonable place to stay? Any info will be appreciated.

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What about an apartment? Rick doesn't list them but Paula Frommer Italy recommended and based on the good treatment we got with an apartment rental company she suggested in Florence, I'd check them out.

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Hi~ when I needed a place for my family...I found a wonderful apartment @ Even if you do not find a perfect match you will get a local "education" on the city.

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Just back from visit last month. We stayed at Hotel Italia, (in Rick Steves' book) and had a good experience. Very centrally located, 1 block from Via Nazionale, easy walk to Termini train station, Metro, and most places you want to see. We were put in the annex across the street, which was inconvenient and noisy due to construction outside the window. Also, you will need to climb some stairs. Otherwise it was fine, and reasonably priced, with 10 euro cash discount.

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The only problem with apartments is that a 2 day rental is not usually allowed.

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I agree with the comment on VRBO. We stayed at a great place last month that would work for 5 adults. You can check out the comments of others that have stayed here, too.

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In June the two of us stayed at VRBO 13150....only $100 US/nite.

It was great for two, and the couch in the walled-off living room made into a bed; so 4 would be possible.

It had balconys that overlooked a park and a river, and lots of great little local restaurants/shops. It was on two express bus lines, that either dropped you off at the train station, or the Spanish Steps.

We will be in Lisbon this Christmass, and are renting a VRBO place there.

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Be careful not to take a room too close to the train station. My wife and I went for a room, good price, looked nice online, not on Rick's list, right across the street from the station, and we found ourselves in an area that could only be described as "seamy". If you know San Francisco, you'll know what I mean when I say that we were in the Tenderloin, baricaded behind four doors, the last of which was like a triple locked steel bank vault door. Honestly, the room itself wasn't bad, but heading out into the street called for some courage- and we live in Oakland. Location does matter, and we wish we'd paid more, if necessary, for a less gritty place to stay. Our opinion of Rome might have been higher if we'd had someplace we felt safe in which to spend our nights. You can determine the location by googling the address and looking at the map. If it's within a few blocks of the train station, skip it, no matter the price. When you get there, you'll be glad you did.

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The challenge here will be: apartments often don't rent for 2 days, but a hotel room for 5 may be difficult to find (might need two hotel rooms).