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Staying in Italy Beyond 90 Days

I know this is a question for an Italian Embassy, but I haven't yet been able to make contact with anyone in San Francisco, the embassy in my region. Email bounces (I get a message that boxes are full, and no one answers calls or messages. Even the switchboard operator has voice mail. I'll keep trying by contacting other Italian embassies (New York, and so on). In the meantime, I thought maybe someone out there could answer my question. I'll be on academic sabbatical in Italy 2007 - 2008 and will be in Italy over 90 days, so I need a Visa, but I'll be doing independent research so WON'T be on a student Visa. I can't find the category I'd fit in (not work, not business, not study). There doesn't appear to be a category for someone not affiliated with a course of study or university who will be living in Italy. My question: has anyone lived in Italy for (let's say) six months doing independent study? What kind of Visa did you get? Thanks for the help (and I'll keep researching on my own in the meantime).

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You definately need to talk to someone at the embassy to find out the proper visa you will need. The San Francisco Consultate website states that it is open to the public Mon & Thur from 1p-3:30p - have you tried calling this window?

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Thanks for your help. So far, all I can get is voice mail, but I haven't called specifically during this time frame. I'll try.

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I remained in Italy for six months in 2002. The only embassy from which I could get a response was Chicago. I had to go in person with passport, proof of health insurance, proof of bank account, Italian address at which I would be living, and statement of purpose(I was not working or studying). Then they gave me a visa for one year. I would look at their site online to get the information you must have in hand to get the visa.

In Italy, I had to check in with the police, showing them the visa and address. When I relocated three months later, I had to do the same again. I hope this helps!

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If you go to Christina's website you can get many good pointers on such questions. My students go through the visa thing in order to come and study here in Viterbo and it can be a pain. The insurance and a letter of proof from the institution where you are planning to do your study are necessary. Good luck,