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Staying in Florence- where else to travel and parking at Florence Train Sta

My husband and I and our two little daughters (ages 3-5) are driving to Florence and staying 8 nights, the week before Easter. We have an apartment in Florence and want do 3-4 day trips around Tuscany and are looking for suggestions. Where would our time be best spent?

I have heard mixed reviews about driving vs. training, but we are only living in Europe for a short time and we want to drive to see more of the countryside. That said, we will be driving into Florence and had planned to park at the Train Station. Does anyone have any experience with this and do I need to reserve something ahead of time or just show up and prepared to pay and park? This is a big concern I have and I am hoping some of you can help me out.

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Overnight or long term parking at the at the Florence train is something you don't want to do. In 2007 the cost per day was between $75 and $100 per day (that's an hourly rate of €2 to 3 per hour, with no daily rate. Rick on driving a rental car into or around Florence: "After driving around and trying to park in Florence, you'll understand why Leonardo never invented the car. Cars flatten the charm of the city. And don't attempt to drive into the historic core of Florence."

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Erin, I'm with Kent on this one... I would not park at the Train Station, and car parks in town are just as limited and expensive! If you want to keep the car, years ago we faced this same challenge. So what we did was find a hotel outside the city center - and then daily road the bus into "downtown." It was only a 5-10 minute ride, and we walked it a few times (about 20 minutes). I believe we were over by the stadium, just north of the centro area.

Just make sure in your research you find a hotel that's on a convenient bus line. Years & years ago we stayed at the Hilton in Florence on points... and the taxi fees KILLED me as the bus service was "worse than random" to that part of town. I learned my lesson the hard (and expensive) way about the bus lines in Florence. What I saved in hotel fees I paid in taxi fees!

We did stay in a delightful hotel managed by a younger couple. If I find the name, I'll send it to you in a PM. Good luck on your trip!


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I have driven in Europe and find parking more difficult every time I return. Don't expect to find parking space near ANY RR station.

When you arrive at the station send someone inside to ask the Tourist Information Office where to park.

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Ok, I am really getting bummed out about parking. I am renting an apartment in the center and the owner told me to park in the garage by the train station. I have done some research and found which is a garage by the station and they have a daily rate of 27 Euros to park my car. Has anyone used this lot?

I have emailed them to make a reservation for the week, but have not heard back yet.