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Staying at a convent in Rome / tempuratures in September

Rick has good things to say in his 2007 guidebook about Suore di Santa Elisabetta Convent near Santa Maria Maggiore. I just recieved an email from them that there is availability for the time we will be there. I think staying in a convent (we are Catholic) would be just another neat cultural experience on our trip. Has anyone stayed here? The 11:00 curfew is not an issue for us. The only hesitation I have is that there is no AC and we will be there in September. A reviewer on tripadvisor said they stayed there in June when it was hot and did not have a problem. Does Rome cool down pretty quickly once the calendar turns September?

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Thak you, Kent. Good idea to just monitor the temps before we go over the next few weeks. We live in Florida so are used to heat and humidity. I think we will go ahead with the convent offer and hope that the tempuratures stay out of the 90s.

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Lise: You will be able to get a specific forecast once you get within 7 to 10 days of your departure date. And the accuracy of the forecasts will improve the closer you get to your departure.

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A good rule of thumb is that the Italian months are like 1.5 months behind our seasons in terms of temperature. For instance by the end of October all the leaves have fallen off the trees here in New England, but in Tuscany the leaves are just starting to fall.

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If this is the convent not far from the coloseum and near the train station, we stayed there several years back in September. It was very nice. No TV, to the dismay of my sister. Nuns were very nice, but didn't speak English, however their French was as good as mine, so no problem. We also did it as a fun experience and it was. Very quiet. Weather was great, didn't need AC.

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I was in Rome last October and the weather was cool in the moring and evening and very warm during the day. September should be about the same. Maybe a little warmer in the morning and evening. Anyway, have fun and I don't think the no air conditioning sould be much of a problem!!