Stay in Naples or Sorrento for a night?

My dilemma: I am spending virtually all my time in Italy in Florence and Rome. My wife booked our return flight out of Naples, however since it was cheaper than Rome. So we are planning on leaving Rome in the afternoon the day before we fly out.. and taking the train down to Naples just to check it out for the afternoon / evening before we fly out the next day. However, everything I keep reading suggests Naples is sketchy, filthy and crime ridden. So now I'm thinking of just staying in Sorrento instead even though its a half hour or so further by train.. and would likely be a longer ride to the airport the next day. Any advice on this? I would way rather spend an extra hour over 2 days on a train to enjoy my experience.. than save time and stay in a crap hole if thats what Naples truly is.. (i'm sure Sorrento has good pizza as well lol) PS - we are going there this July thanks,

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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That is crazy planning. I hope you saved a lot in airfare, because trains aren't free. If you stay in Sorrento you are going to pay through the nose because chances are your flight is very early since it is connecting somewhere else in EU (no US flights from NAP) and the bus from Sorrento won't get you to the airport on time (first one arrives at airport at 08:30). Taking a taxi from Sorrento is going to cost you at least 80 euro ($110).
Since you must go to Napoli you might as well visit it. Naples' reputation is overblown. Miami has 3 times the crime rate as Naples, yet I bet that doesn't prevent you from going to Miami. Naples is also beautiful, way more than any of Florida's big cities. Go to Naples, preferably early or better yet spend two nights there. There is a lot to see. Find a hotel in the proximity of Piazza Plebiscito, near the shore (not near the station). It's a little more expensive there, but worth it. Then visit Naples. One full day won't be enough, but it's better than nothing. Don't miss the Archeological Museum, but there is a lot to see, and Pompeii or Herculaneum are nearby (if you can stay a few extra days). For sure you must stay in Naples the night before the flight if the flight is early. 15-20 min by taxi and you are at the airport.

Posted by Keith
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Sorrento has a direct bus connection to the airport so it is not a bad place to stay for you. It is however fairly dull and is mainly used (I think) because of its centrality and excellent connections to the places people actually want to see in that region rather than because of anything particularly interesting in Sorrento itself. If you are only there a short time and just want somewhere to eat & sleep that might not matter to you. I think, though, you have been misinformed about Naples. It's perfectly fine place to stay and does have some excellent sites, with just an afternoon you could at least walk around some of them even if you do not have time to go inside much (e.g. go for a walk along the coast from Castel Nuovo). It is also easier to get to the airport. Also, the Naples-Sorrento train takes longer than half an hour - the few "express" services are closer to an hour, the more regular stopping services take longer.

Posted by Carol
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Agree with Roberto. We're in our late 60s and stayed in Naples 3 nights in 2011. We loved it. The Archaeological Museum could take a half day to see and you could spend another day wandering the city and visiting the churches and other sites. In addition, Herculanum and Pompeii are a short train ride away. We stayed in Piazza Garibaldi due to proximity to the train and metro station. We didn't go out at night as our hotel had a restaurant but we never felt worried for our safety. True, Naples had garbage in the street but we found the people to be very friendly and helpful and would stay there again.

Posted by Linda
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I would stay in Naples. We heard the same things about Naples that you did before we visited last summer. My husband, two teenage daughters and I enjoyed Naples? There is lots to see! We did not feel unsafe at any time.