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Starting to Plan a week in Sardinia

Hi! I’m starting to plan a week trip to Sardinia in June.. curious if that is enough time to do the whole island at a comfortable pace with some relaxation built in or if better to concentrate north vs south.

Planning on renting a car… any suggestions, recommendations or spots not to miss. Thanks in advance.

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If you are staying only a week I suggest you concentrate on a portion of the island (most people, including Sardinians, will agree the northern half is better)..

The place is big and it takes time to travel around the island as roads tend to be curvy and slow. There are some freeways but not likely to serve a purpose to a visiting traveler since they are in the interior and not on the coast.

Not many Americans visit Sardinia probably because it’s inconvenient to include it with a trip to Italy due to its geographic location. Also it doesn’t have the wealth of historic places to visit like the rest of Italy. Sardinia is famous for its natural beauty, particularly the sea (and under the sea if you are a scuba diver).

If you use the “search” function above you might see several past posts with replies from those who have been there. I’m one of the few who has visited multiple times, albeit I haven’t been there in a few years. Try to search and in the meantime this is a post from the not too distant past, but there are many more. Just enter “Sardinia” in the search box and numerous will come up.

We will also be visiting Sardinia in June. We are planning a few days in Alghero, just to unwind after traveling for 3 days, but are planning to go to the Oligastra and Barbagia areas in the mountains because they are Blue Zone areas and I am very interested in getting a peak at their way of life. No idea what we will find but we have a couple of activities planned so we will see what happens.