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I just received my new National Geographic. In deciding if I will take it with me on my trip next week, I got an idea. I think I will take it and put a label inside. Then I will leave it in the hotel when I am done. Perhaps one day we can all travel and have light reading magazines like Readers Digest in hotels across Italy.

Has anyone used a hotel that has a leave one/take one library? The Guest house I stayed in in Kathmandu had one. It was really nice. Finish one book and start another! Never carrying more than one.

Just a thought...

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It is common to find a few of such books in hotels, B&Bs, and hostels. Policies vary, but usually if you make a trade it is acceptable to take a book. BTW, National Geographics are great travel books but they are heavy, so I wouldn't try to "fly light" and carry one. I sometimes buy one in Europe for about 5 Euros, read it thoroughly for days, then recycle it to a hotel reading rack. The Economist is a good magazine with lots of reading on international issues; sometimes I can find an American newsmagazine such as Newsweek, but there is less reading than in the Economist or NG. For book reading I try to trade or get other free reading material, but frequently I buy the International Herald Tribune for my newspaper "fix." It's expensive, but I can make one last most of the day.

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I think there are a lot of Rick Steves' followers out here - if we ALL leave one easy read each time we went, we could build up a nice library eventually. I sure will talk with the Hotel Bellavista in Massa Lubrense when I get there!

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National Geos are terrif. You can begin to understand other languages by reading the editions in those languages, as the articles are written in the same way.
When we were in Europe, we starved for English reading materials but always enjoyed NGs of whatever kind.
Many places have such libraries. We came across ones in Lisbon (Hotel Residencia Roma),Munich (Gasthof Hubman),Bolzano and a few others

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I have visited many hotels that had a book exchange libary. It was great. I remember reading "Congo" while in Tanzania - and then leaving it in my last hotel room with an inscription to the next reader inside. It felt very good doing that.

Just this past May, I gave my my Rick Steves Florence and Tuscany Guide to a group of gals to enjoy with a request to leave it with Hotel Il Bargellino for their library. I didn't need to drag it with me when I left for Venice and they were thrilled to have it. The hotel sent me a thank you note as well.

Sally - great thought from a thoughtful "traveler" (versus tourist).