Start/Stop Day of Week for settimanale (weekly) trenitalia pass

With all the prior flooding in the Cinque Terre, we decided during our visit in June 2012 to not buy the combo train+hiking Cinque Terre card. Instead, we purchased a settimanale (weekly) ticket from Trenitalia. The ticket was a 7-day pass. You pick two cities for which the pass is valid. The cost is very reasonable if you town hop everyday like we do. Our towns were Rapallo-La Spezia. But what I cannot remember (we lost the tickets) are the start/stop dates of the pass. This is not a pass that starts when you validate. But rather they all start on the same weekday which I cannot recall. I think the start date is Monday at 12:01 am and then valid for seven days. Can anyone help us out with the start/stop day of the week for this settimanale pass? We are tying to optimize our arrival and departure to the Cinque Terre for 2013 to match up with this settimanale pass. This pass was a good solution for us as we did not utilize the coastal trails this past trip since they were under repair from the flooding. Grazie e ciao!

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