St Mark's Church & Doges Palace--amount of tour time

We are trying to plan our itinerary for both and will be downloading Rick's apps. Could you give us ideas of how long we would need for each or do you know how long the apps are? We do not want to rush through either, but of course we do not want to spend 6+ hours because we only have 2 full days. Just looking for a reasonable amount of time that we would need so that we get the full experience. Thanks

Posted by Roberto
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Basilica: unless you are a art history fiend, you'll need 1/2 hour to 1 hr max, add another 15 min for the Pala d'Oro (extra charge). Never gone on top of the Basilica, so I don't know if lines are long. But for a view I always go on top of the Campanile. Campanile: That is a quick elevator ride, if lines aren't long. Once on top savor the view as long as you like (at least 15 min)
Doge's palace. 2 hours are more than sufficient.

Posted by Denise
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Thanks for responding, Roberto! We are also going to do the Campanile as well. Do you recommend seeing the Treasury?