Spain - Italy Trip September 2013

Would it be more cost effective to stay in Madrid for the 1st portion of my trip (September 2nd - September 7th)vs. staying 3 days in Madrid and 2 days in Barcelona? If so, what day trips would be available (ie Barcelona and Valencia) and associated transportation costs? (i.e., Europass or purchasing train pass in Madrid, etc.) I feel we are firm on going to Naples, Italy for the 2nd portion of our trip.

Posted by Stephen
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It would be cheaper to stay in one place due to transportation cost, but then you would miss out on Barcelona. I would recommend 3 nights in Madrid and 2 in Barcelona if that is you available time. You can day-trip from Madrid to Toledo or Segovia, but I would recommend only one at most. There is a lot to see in Madrid. Taking the train is the simplest way to get between the two cities. although airfare is competitive price-wise. For your flight between Barcelona and Naples, try this link: