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Southern Italy Trip for 10-12 nights

Hi Folks;

My wife and I want to do a 10-12 night trip to southern Italy. (We have already done Rome, Venice, Florence). Any suggestions on where to stay in terms of a few base locations where we can do day trips? (Naples? Sorrento? Salerno, etc). We would like to avoid cars in the area as much as possible and do trains, ferries etc for day trips. We are thinking 3 base locations each for 3-4 nights? We are not beach people. This would be in September time frame. I heard a suggestion to fly into Naples and out of another airport? Also should Sicily be a totally separate trip? Any tips would be helpful.. Lot to learn.

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You could spend the entire time in Sicily and face very painful itinerary cuts. Early September would probably still be quite hot there. I do love Sicily, but I'd recommend a different month.

In addition to a bunch of time in Rome, I spent seven nights in Naples and four nights in Salerno in Feb/Mar 2023. I really liked both and could have used more time in the area. Lodging in those cities is usually a lot less expensive than on the Amalfi Coast or in Sorrento. You may encounter some unpleasantly hot days there, as well. Be sure your lodgings have reliable air conditioning, and keep in mind that if you day trip away from your base city, you won't be able to pop back to your hotel easily for a 30-minute break. Early starts are advised.

If you end up spending a good bit of time in the area around Naples, check out the Campania Arte Card. The one-year card was very worthwhile for me, but there's also a shorter-duration card, I believe. The Campania Arte Card covers Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum and other excavation sites as well as the zroyal Palace at Caserta and a lot of things in Naples. It was great not to have to rush to cram everything into just a few days.

It's very difficult if not impossible to find a place to buy the Campania Arte Card in person, but it's very easy to do so within the Arte Card app. It's very important to make a record of the numbers that show up during the purchase process. One of those numbers will get you into the covered sights if the app fails to open for you (which happened to me twice).

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Yes we will do Sicily on a separate trip. We will definitely stay in Naples for 3-4 nights and then another few nights in Salerno and possibly 1 other town. (Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi). I hear a car is more headache then its worth so ferry and trains are best for getting around. We may do 1 night in Capri or just do it as a day trip.

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We spent 9 nights in the area and split our nights between Sorrento, Amalfi and Salerno. That worked well for us and avoided too many daily transportation headaches around the AC

Did not get to Naples but with 12 nights I’d definitely add 2-3 nights there

Fly RT Naples, go right to Sorrento -3-4 nights visit Pompeii and Capri
Ferry or driver to Amalfi-2-3 nights visit Positano by ferry, Ravello by bus
Ferry to Salerno-2 nights visit Paestum and enjoy Salerno
Train to Naples for remainder fly home from naples

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Thank you Christine. This is VERY helpful and a great itinerary to get me going. Much appreciated