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South of Italy tour...

Has anyone taken the South of Italy tour? We just found out we have relatives in Potenza and Salerno. I was just curious if the tour traveled through these towns or anywhere close-by? I know there's a lunch break between Matera and Paestum, but I don't know where it is.

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Hi Karen,

I am not familiar with the rick Steves tours, but I can tell you that Paestum is close to Salerno (40 km).

Potenza is in Basilicata. Salerno is in Camapnia (2 different provincies).

Hope this helps.

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Have you looked on the "Tour" sextion of this site?
Thr itineraries of the RS tours are shown there

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Karen - I beleive the South of Italy tour is brand new for 2008, so no one will have taken it yet. Why not call Rick Steves Tour Dept and ask them your questions? They are always very helpful.

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I know the Potenza and Salerno area farily well...I have a house in between the two :-) I would be happy to answer questions about the region (yes....I KNOW Salerno is in Campania and Potenza is in Basilicata ;-) but they are not far) I don't know anything about the tours though - so can't help you there.