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Sorrento Transfers

Hi everyone,
We’re researching a private transfer from Naples Centrale to our Sorrento hotel with a stop in Pompeii for 2-3 hours.
We are unsure of
1)we should add a private guide to the package.
2) we’ve been quotes 300euros and 150eurod so we’re wondering what others have paid as this is a huge difference.
3)With 3 night 4 days in Sorrento, should we a boat tour to amalfi and Capri or just use the ferry on our own.
4)Also, heading to Rome via train from Naples after, should we book a transfer from our hotel to Naples Centrale rather than using the ferry to Naples with luggage?

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Who is we and what time of year is this?

With 3 night 4 days in Sorrento,

3 nights is not 4 days. You will have 2.5 days if you are staying 3 nights and if you are stopping in Pompeii on the way that first half day is probably less than a half day.

we’ve been quotes 300euros and 150eurod

We used this company for transfers in the area in 2019. A transfer from Napoli Centrale to Sorrento was about 100 euros. Looked at their site just now and their base price for same with a 2 hour stop in Pompeii is 305 so I'd guess that is about the going rate now. Remember you are paying for their "waiting time"
Whether you hire a guide or not is your choice. Many do fine using RS audioguide/book, there are also guides for hire at the entrance. We did the Pompeii tour with Mondo Guides and found it very helpful

Taking the ferry to Capri OR Amalfi on your own is easy enough. It would be pretty hard to do both in 1 day.

rather than using the ferry to Naples with luggage?

This will require a taxi to port in Sorrento then the ferry then a taxi to station in Naples. Much easier to take the Circumvesuviana directly to Napoli Centrale. Ferry would be easy with luggage- they basically handle it for you.
Easiest but not the cheapest by far would be a driver to Napoli Centrale.

Assuming you are not headed to Rome to catch a flight that same day? Because that is very very risky.

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There is a lot to that question with many options. Above suggestion for a driver with a two hour stop in Pompeii is marginal at best. Two hours will barely get you past the front door. Pompeii is massive and a half day will give you a decent overview and you could easily take all day.

1 & 2. At the entrance there are guides available for hire from one to five hours or more. We opted for three hours with the idea of a quick overview and a return, on our own, to those areas that we want to view in greater depth. There were four of us and I think we paid our guide 30 euro/hour - probably higher today. We were very pleased with this arrangement.
3. Sorrento is in Amalfi at the south west end. You could take a ferry along the Amalfi coast and visit other cities along the coast. Capri is an island and in the opposite direction. Capri is worth a day trip and it is about an hour or so via ferry.

4. The ferry from Sorrento to the Naples train station and on to Rome is impractical and very slow. Take the Circumvesuvianna train to Naples and train to Rome. There is also a bus a couple of times a day from Sorrento to Rome. If it fit your schedule that would be the way to go.

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Thank you for these detailed replies! We are 2 adults and can travel quickly, but 2.5 days is certainly not a lot of time for many day trips. We have decided to use a private transfer with a stop at Pompeii from Naples Centrale to Sorrento. A day at Capri, and a private transfer back to Napoli Centrale to catch our train to Rome for our last part of Italy tour!