Sorrento to Palermo

I am going to spend two nights in Sorrento. Then, I want to get to Palermo. What is the easiest way for me to do that without flying? I can't figure out the trains. Help!

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  1. Take the Alilauro hydrofoil which departs from Sorrento at or about 16:25 for Napoli Beverello (40 minute crossing).

  2. Walk approx. 600 yards to the Porta di Massa Pier to connect to the overnight car ferry to Palermo. There should also be a shuttle bus between the two piers if you prefer not to walk.

  3. Both Tirrenia and SNAV have an overnight ferry to Palermo at 20:00, which arrives in Palermo the following morning at 6:30 a.m. You can book a sleeping cabin with private facilities, or simply a reclining seat. There is a restaurant, cafeteria, full-service bar, large salon, shopping, and movie theatre on the ship. Outside of mid-June through mid-September, you really don't need to book the ferry that much in advance, and in the low season (late fall through late spring), you could even buy your ticket the same day of departure at the ticket office in the Naples Stazione Marittima (400 yards from Beverello pier). Or buy the ticket at a travel agency in Sorrento. Or book via the website.

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Want to travel from Sorrento to Palermo by daylight train? Here's how:

  1. Circumvesuviana train departs Sorrento 7:55; arrives Napoli Centrale 9:05. One-way fare 3.40 Euros

  2. Walk upstairs to connect to the Palermo-bound train.

  3. Trenitalia Intercity (IC) train departs Napoli Centrale 9:42; arrives Palermo 19:24. One-way fare 50 Euros in second class

PREFER TO FLY? Here's how:

  1. Curreri airport bus at 16:30 to Naples Airport (ar. 18:00). 10 Euros

  2. Alitalia (Air One aircraft) flight at 19:30, arrive Palermo 20:20. 105 Euros

  3. Prestia e Comande airport bus to Palermo center (60 minute-drive). 5.80 Euros

Too expensive? Beginning early May, Air Italy (NOT Alitalia) will have flights between Naples and Palermo for only 53 Euros.