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Sorrento questions

Hi there, does anyone know if it's better to take a train or a bus from Rome to Sorrento? Also, can anyone recommend a nice place to stay in Sorrento for under 100 Euro? Thanks!!

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I think it'd be easiest to just take the train to Naples, then catch the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento. The Cir. train leaves from just under the train station. I stayed at the hostel in Sorrento, but I'm sure there are decent places for that price. If you can't find anything in Rick's, try Lonely Planet or Let's Go. You won't find anything nicer than a 2-3 star, but you're only sleeping there!

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We took the bus from Sorrento to just in the opposite direction. We really enjoyed the bus. It stops in the main piazza of Sorrento, so you are centrally located, but the bus terminal in Rome is a bit out of the way. It's a fun way to see the country side.

Time wise, it was about 4 hours- and we didn't have to switch to the local train in Naples...we stayed on the bus the entire time. Easier with luggage!

I'd recommend the bus!

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I reserved two rooms at the hotel Il Nido for next spring. The hotel is recommended in Rick Steves Italy. From the reviews and actually talking to someone who stayed there I highly recommend this hotel. The rates are very good and you can check out the hotel at Hotel Il Nido Sorrento. I'm not exactly sure of the website address but just google the hotel name followed by Sorrento and the site should pop up. Good luck and enjoy Sorrento, its a wonderful place to visit.


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Mode of transportation mostly depends on you. We took the EuroStar from Rome to Naples and the Circumvesuviana from Naples into Sorrento. You could also take a hydrofoil from Naples to Sorrento.

I've never taken the bus so I can't really comment on that. Are you going now or in the Summer? 100E for a nice place in high tourist season could be hard to locate. I would start on and look at all the hotels in Sorrento and find one in your price range. You can also get Rick's Italy book and look at hotels suggestions.

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WE stayed at Palazzo Starace in October. Centrally located but read about the stairs (luggage lift) and limited breakfast in Rick's book. It was very nice and each day we had the same thing for breakfast at that local bar. They were so nice there. I did miss the opportunity to have breakfast at the hotel where you could sit around and talk to the other residents.

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Long distance buses usually leave Rome from the Tiburtina bus station. You can get there easily using Metro line B. The bus will be probably be less expensive than the train and direct, but sounds like it takes about 4.5 to 5 hours with the Metro trip. The train takes about 3.5 to 4 hours, including the change in Naples. I also think the trains are much more scenic, especially the Circumvesuviana which runs along Naples Bay. I've done Sorrento to Rome on a Rick Steves tour bus, and it's just autostrada most of the way.

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Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!! For those who have traveled by bus, was the road really curvy? That might be the deal-breaker for me b/c I sometimes get motion-sickness on long, winding trips. Thanks again :0)

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We used the train from Rome to Naples. Couldn get into the Circum train to Sorrento , very crowded..You can take the boat from Naples to sorrento. Try to be light on your luggage.We stayed on Hotel Mignon ( Steves's book) $90.00 Euro showing his book. Very clean and good location, breakfast is : coffe , bread, fruits, cereal, nothing else.
Tel 011-39-081 8073824 talk to Anna or Paulo ( owner), ask for the web side. The one I have it does not show this particular hotel.The email
We were there in Sep 2007. Also go to you can see pictures of this hotel from travelers.
Good luck , Sorrento is very nice.

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We liked Palazzo Starace except for the mediocre breakfast at the nearby bar. The baggage trolley sure saved our backs on the 73 stairs!

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Anyone with motion sickness should probably avoid the bus ride. Yes, the Circumvesuviana can be crowded as it was when we went from Naples to Sorrento. Actually we had to stand or lean on our luggage most of the way. But just strap that moneybelt on and you should have no worries.

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Hello China,

From Rome Airport, take the train to the Termini Station (still in rome, the main station). From there, take the Alta Velocita (fast) train to Naples. From there, the regional train to Sorrento.
There are 2 trains diretto and diretissimo. The diretissimo shortens the trip in 20 minutes....and takes you to Sorrento. you will board in Naples and get off at the last station. If you take it in Naples, you might find seats. I am adding a couple of links for your info:

Let me know if I can help you further

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We were in Sorrento in October and it was lovely! In fact, one of my favorites. We came from the Tuscancy area via Rome, via Naples, on the train. Stayed in Sorrento at - a hostel that is really a new, modern hotel - for 54E per day per room and 5E for breakfast. Can walk from the train station. Ferrys do not run off season. Took the bus for a day trip down the Almalfi coast. Enjoy!

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The RS books have good recommendations for Sorrento lodging. We LOOOOVED Sorrento, but made the unfortunate mistake (for us) of staying in Naples to save some money.

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That's almost as bad as going to Venice and staying in Mestre to save I did.