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Sorrento in July! Are we crazy????

Has anyone stayed in Sorrento in July? We understand it is an ideal home base for visiting the Amalfi coast but have also read it can be overrun by tourists in the summer. If this is true, I'd rather stay in one of the smaller towns on Amalfi. On the other hand, if Sorrento has the best restaurants, hotels, activities, etc then it may be worth it. Opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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Anywhere along the coast will be crowded in July. If it's any consolation July is not as bad as August which is the peak time for coast/beach towns.

Sorrento is technically not on the Amalfi Coast but just north of it. It is cheaper then staying in most of the AC towns but has excellent connections.

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We stayed in Sorrento, in July a few years ago and loved it. Yes, there were lots of people there but we knew there would be, so it wasn't a surprise. There was so much energy in town and lots of people out strolling in the cooler evening trying to walk off a fabulous dinner and make room for gelato!

I'd stay in Sorrento because the transportation connections make it an ideal home base but if you're worried about crowds, stay in one of the hotels a little south of town up the hill/road, that way you'll have a quiet room to return to at night.

If I were you I'd be more worried about the weather in July than the crowds!

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Sorrento is wonderful and seems to fair well with the tourist season. Just make your reserv now.