Does anyone have any lunch and dinner restaurant recommendations for Sorrento? Preferrably within walking distance of Via Capo hotel area.

Posted by Mike
Charlotte, NC, USA
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This is another vote for Delfino. It is in Marina Grande which should be a short walk from wherever you are staying. The key though is the outdoor seating. Try to go on a nice evening and sit out on the boardwalk (or whatever they call it) behind the main dining area. The harbor is beautifully lit up at night. An unforgettable experience.

Posted by Don
Santa Fe, NM, USA
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One of the best meals we had on our last trip to Italy was at Ristorante Delfino in the Marina Grande area of Sorrento. The food and service was excellent. Say Hi to Roberto for us, mention the RS Italy book, and you will get a glass of lemoncello on the house. Their seafood risotto is out of this world. Don

Posted by Paige
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A MUST in Sorrento is Pizzeria da Franco. Corso Italia, 265. I was in Italia for 36 days and this was by far my best pizza!! Another good spot is Trattoria da Emilia. It is at Marina Grande. Check their hours. I arrived moments after they stopped serving lunch and was disappointed that day.
Buon Appetito!

Posted by Mario
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
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Le Grazie, Via S. M. delle Grazie 28/30, was our favorite meal in all of Italy. We were in seven differant cities on a 17 day trip. My 11 year old son picked it out as we were strolling down the streets the prior night. The meals and desserts were all homemade and delicious! Prices were very reasonable and the owners served us our meal.

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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We are in Sorrento right now and I can vouch for Pizzeria Da Franco. Ate there yesterday and it was indeed very good. The ingredients seem fresh & the prices were very reasonable. In addition to pizza they also have calzone, sandwiches (which looked delicious), salads, etc.

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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We ate at Delfino today for lunch & I agree with the previous posters that recommended it. It was wonderful. We sat outside at a table overlooking the water and the ambience and quality of food were excellent. The portions are huge and everything seems fresh! My husband had the swordfish for only 20 euros & for the same amount he got, we would have easily paid $35+ in the U.S. We have never had a portion that large in a restaurant. I had the gnocchi and the portion was so large that 3 people could have shared it. They also brought us a complimentary bruscheta appetizer and again it was delicious. Enjoy.

Posted by Cindi
Montclair, Virginia, United States
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First week in August, we stayed at the Hilton Sorrento Palace, (LOVED IT!!!), and walked a couple blocks down the hill. On the right is a Pizza/etc.. restaurant connected to a bowling alley. A bowling pin hanging in the front says, "Bowling". The pizza was AMAZING!! Authentic Naples recipe. The one I got was only 6 euros and now I can never eat another pizza made in America. We even went back twice in 3 days!!!
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Posted by Nicki
San Francisco
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Thanks everyone!! Will definitely check out Delfina and others. Cheers

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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One more reply...I swear it will be my last on this subject! We just left Sorrento today but before leaving, we had dinner at L'Antica Trattoria which was previously recommended to me on this forum. We really enjoyed it. It has been in existence for many years and the food was more gourmet in nature but not terribly expensive. We really enjoyed it. Have a look at their garden seating area as well...we didn't eat in it but it looked lovely. Have a great time in Sorrento!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Nicki, I was also going to enthusiastically recommend L'Antica Trattoria in Sorrento, which Sheron just mentioned. I found the food and service to be excellent, although not cheap. Buon Appetito!