Some Italy questions

Hello - we leave in 5 weeks for Italy, our second visit there. Recomendations for the best way and not too expensive to get from FCO to Termini. I'm thinking about a day trip to Anzio. Has anyone been there? What I read seems good.
Thanks as always!

Posted by Larry
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The most popular travel method from FCO to Roma Termini is the Leonardo Express. Fare is 14Euro. This is a first class fare for all seats on this Regionale train. Train departs every 30 minutes. Travel time is 32 minutes. But there are other ways to get there. First, there is a different train that departs FCO for Termini but you change trains at Trastevere. Fare is 8Euro. Travel time is close to an hour depending on which train you are on. Train runs every 90 minutes or so. Second, there is a bus. Terravision has a bus run every 30 minutes from the airport to Termini during the day. Fare is 4Euro. Journey time is 55 minutes. I can't answer your second question.

Posted by Roberto
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I'll give the info on taxi too. It's 48 euro flat fee to the city center. Let's say 50 to make it easy. A taxi could be just as cheap or cheaper than the Leonardo Express if there are 3 or 4 of you. You said "we" therefore I presume it's at least 2 of you. With 2 people, with the Leonardo express, you are spending at least 28 euro. With 3 people it's 42 euros just for the train. In addition, if your hotel is not close to the Termini station, where the Leonardo Express (or the Terravision bus) drops you off, and you still plan to take a taxi from the station to the hotel, then you must add the cost of the taxi from the station to the hotel (which varies depending on the distance from the station). In such case, then taking the taxi all the way from the airport, may not be as expensive as it sounds. So you have to take all of these facts into consideration before you make the decision.

Posted by Frank
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Roberto, surprised you didn't mention the SITBUS at 8E to Termini. Slightly slower but cheaper.

Posted by Sheron
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If you decide to get there by way of a taxi, I would suggest RomeCabs ( They're a private transfer company with lots of well earned praise and reviews. We used them in the past to get from FCO to our apartment in the center of Rome and it was a great experience. Our flight was 5 hours late and they monitored our arrival time and were waiting right outside the baggage claim area for us holding a sign with our last name on it. The driver helped us with our luggage and was very nice. He showed us some of the sights on our way into the city and the car was an impeccably clean, well air-conditioned mercedes. The cost is comparable to a regular cab and well worth the money. After flying all night from the west coast, we were exhausted and didn't want to hassle with taking a train or bus, etc. We appreciated the door to door service. Have a wonderful trip. As for the day trip to Anzio, I've never been there & can't comment but if you haven't already been to Orvieto, I would consider it for a wonderful day trip.

Posted by Monique
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Also try Terravision. They usually offer roundtrip tickets for 8 EURO (or 4.99 euro each). Have a good trip!