Soccer/Calcio off-season

We were hoping to catch some soccer (calcio?) on our trip, but quickly discovered it's not soccer season. We will be in Italy the beginning of July. My son mentioned that teams sometime play each other iinformally (friendlies?), but I can't find any information online. Is there any chance of seeing soccer anywhere in Italy this time of year? Any ideas re where I might find info about this?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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July is exactly the only time when soccer players go on vacation. Generally the teams start the new season's practice at the beginning of August (generally in Alpine, high altitude locations). July is really unlikely to see professional teams playing.
There are certainly no tournaments, but maybe you can find some information on friendlies in the websites of individual teams a little closer to the time you are in Italy. There might be some games at the very beginning of July or some beginning season friendlies at the very end.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Those pre-season friendlies won't happen till mid-august. During the summer the top teams typically go on a world-tour playing friendlies in Asia, Mexico, and the US. So you actually have a better chance of seeing AC Milan play a friendly in DC or Baltimore than Italy.

Posted by andrea
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Usually the team's preparation starts in the second half of july...and usually no friendly match till august. In july just some training against local team... Those are the past year dates for season's practice: Inter 6-15 july Pinzolo (Trento) Juventus 12-23 july Chstillon (Aosta)
A.C Milan from 9 july Milanello (Varese )