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Smart way to use Roma Pass

I'm be in Rome in early August. If I want to visit most good museums and monuments, how should I use the Roma Pass?

I'll also visit Florence, is there also a pass like that available?

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Take a look at the website to see which museums particiapte in the program. The RomaPass is valid for 3 consecutive days and included unlimited bus/metro rides, entrance to 2 sights and discounts to museums after the first 2 entries. The Vatican Museum is not covered on the RomaPass. I would use it to see the Coliseum/Palatine Hill (counts as one site) and the Borghese Gallery.

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ic, thx for your info and suggestions.

BTW, where can I check out the discount in each museum for the third visit onwards?

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Plan to visit the sights well before closing time. We were in Rome in April, and alot of the places wouldn't let us in 1 1/2 hours before closing. We were very frustrated because of the long lines everywhere. However, the Roma Pass was worth it if only because we were able to bypass the huge line at the Colloseum and just go right in. That was a huge time saver.

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I agree that the best "free" uses are for the Colosseum and the Borghese Gallery, because those are the two most expensive tickets. (Don't forget to make your Borghese Gallery reservation ahead of time. The reservation fee is extra.)

The discount thereafter is about 30% for each sight. The RomaPass website should have specific info.

Also, you don't need to write the date on the back of your RomaPass. The card is swiped, which records the date and # of use, so it automatically knows whether you have a free visit or a discounted visit.

It was very nice to have it for Metro and busses, too.