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small towns in Tuscany

We are renting a villa with my husband's family for a week just northeast of Firenze. Because we will have a 2 year old with us, we have decided to rent a car and take a driving tour of tuscany. I know that some small towns do not allow cars to enter and you must either walk in or catch a bus. How can we find out which towns do this? And advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Gina, I don't know if shows where you can park but it has many pictures of each town you are going to be in. If you have to park outside the town it is usually a short walk to the piazza. Just don't drive into Florence! We are renting a car for our stay in Orvieto for our day trips and after looking at the towns on this website I don't see any problems.
Happy travels!!

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I also would love to have some shared info. We will have a car and staying a few nights in the Tuscany area. We thought about Siena and drop off the car in Orvieto to train back to Rome. I also saw some "farmhouses" on www.initaly; one 10 km from Asciano, 20 km from Siena and Pienza. Would love to be central Tuscany to drive around at one's own pace. Any one have more detailed maps of Tuscany?

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Chances are, the people from whom you're renting would know - if they're on site, you could ask them. We found that staff even suggested that "Wednesdays are not good to go to "X", go on Thursday instead" and such. Do you want to see an antique market? Or avoid it?

Many of these towns have more than one gate, and it's easy to forget which one you entered by, or where you parked. I took a digital picture of something unique near our parking area (scupture, store) so if I got turned around, anyone (English speaking or not) could point me in the right direction!