small-town travel in Italy

Hi People,

I see that some towns in Umbria are bus and rail-connected, such as Preugia to Assisi, Assisi to Gubbio etc., but not others. My home base will be Assisi as of March 21, and I have 3 weeks [yea!] to visit area villages. I will not be driving, and am asking whether you have done something similar. Will I discover, once there, that buses go pretty well everywhere? For example, I would also like to get to Spello, Orvieto, Spileto, Deruta, Todi and others [staying in hostels]. ANY other tips would appreciated too, esp. regarding transportation, accommodation and street markets. Thanks!

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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Dave, you might consider (if you are in fairly good shape) renting a bike for a day or two to explore some towns. they are not far apart...maybe 20 miles, maybe a bit more. It's a really fun way to get close to locals (Italians love bike riders!) Other than that...buses will work. Trains do not go to all the smaller towns.