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Small Backpacks at the Vatican and other museums

I expect to use a small cloth day pack as a purse when I'm walking around Rome,Venice and Florence. Are there any museums or other sites which require one to check small backpacks or day packs? Thanks for any information.

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In July, I had to check in a similar shoulder, day trip bag into the Borghese Gallery. Did not have to check it in at the Vatican, but it had to go through an x-ray security check. In Florence at the Academia, our packs went through an x-ray security check, but I did not have to check it in. In Venice, we checked our packs in at the place Rick Steves' suggests in his book in order to bypass the line at St. Mark's Cathedral. Have fun!

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[sigh]..9/3/07"packpacks in the vatican"
was in rome/frieze: most had places to store stuff.

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A small pack should be fine. Most places will just have you run them through security. Fully packed regular sized backpacks will need to be checked at places like St. Marks, Doges Palace and in Florence. I had a good size "purse" and never had to check it in any of the museums in Rome, Venice or Florence. Good luck and have fun!!

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Barbara - We had fair size backpacks in Rome/Venice/Florence and most places just scanned them. We actually checked ours for the Vatican Museum (not sure if we had to or just wanted to)and when we came back at 4:30 we found out they closed!! We had to wait until 6:00 when all unclaimed bags were turned over to Vatican Police! So if you do check any bags, be sure to ask when they close!! The bell tower in Venice made us check our backpack (free) because the space in the elevator & up top is so small....and it only took 1 minute to pick it up later. Hope that helps! Surprisingly most art museums just scanned our bags and that was enough!
Tom and Sherry - Steger, IL