Slight emergency

So, we just got into Rome earlier today from Florence via Venice. We used RS's Italy 2014 book to do the roman shuffle and ended up at a street bazaar type festival on the river around 11pm. Somewhere between enjoying a cannoli and buying a set of earrings my lovely wife misplace the book. Any idea where we could buy a replacement here in Rome? We still have the rest of this week in country and our next stop is Sorento and the Amalfi coast.

Posted by andi
franktown, colorado
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How about getting the tour books you need online?

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Feltrinelli at Largo Argentina may have it, or you can buy an e-book version from your smartphone or tablet.

Posted by Kent
Pacific Northwest
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If when you submitted your question here you checked the "Want Rick Steves staff to comment" box, then they will reply and tell you if there are any bookstores in Rome than sell English language editions of his books.
Probably not.
As the above posts mentioned, you'll probably have better results downloading electronic versions, if you have the appropriate technology with you.

Posted by Larry
Carmel, CA, USA
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Whew, that's good. From the subject line, I figured you were our grandchild, had been mugged, lost all your money and documents, and needed each of us to wire you $1500 as soon as possible. Glad that's not the case. Others probably know bookstores in Rome much better than I do, but if you cannot just buy an e-version, I figure the bookstore at Termini RR station, maybe even a big news stand, may have tourist books available, no?

Posted by Roberto
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Lonely Planet guidebooks in English are widely available. Try Feltrinelli.

Posted by riebep
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Thank you all for the replies. We checked the multi level book store at Termini without any luck. But we did find a copy of the Italy 2014 book at Almost Corner Book Store in Trastevere about a ten minute walk from our hotel. This tiny little 400 square foot book store had two RS books. Now, they only have the 2014 Rome book. Thanks Michael for the link.