Sleeping in Sorrento

I am planning a 3-week Italy trip for Oct and Sorrento is the last bit of lodging to secure. I am looking at Hotel Sorrento City from this hotline and 2 places from RS book, Hotel Mignon and Ulisse Deluxe Hostel. I have read MANY Trip Advisor notes and am quite dismayed to read where with the two hotels people say upon arriving the hotel overbooked and they have no rooms left (even w/email confirmation in hand), or that they had to leave after 2 of their 3 reserved nights as their room was now needed! I have sent two emails to Hotel Sorrento City, my top choice....and have yet to hear back. Does anyone know if this hotel is closed for winter break at this time?? Should I give up on them, bad omen?? Can anyone reassure me I will have a room if confirmed at either of the hotels? The hostel sounds pretty good, only because it doesn't sound like your ordinary hostel but wonder if it is too far from things. Any suggestions?

Posted by Charlie
Ventura, CA, USA
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We stayed at Hotel Mignon in Sept 2010 and was very pleased. Centrally located, rooms were nice and clean. The girl that took care of the breakfast area was a little grouchy, but didn't hinder our good time there.

Posted by Linda
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The Ulisse location is fine. We walk past it many times on our way to Sorrento's fishing harbour Marina Grande. It is on one end of the old town streets, no more than 10 minutes pleasant stroll through those streets to Piazza Tasso. The reason it has hostel in its title is because the developers could only get planning consent for a hostel. So in a typically Italian compromise we now have the Ulisse which is more hotel than hostel! Many hotels close completely, especially smaller ones, from early Jan through to Easter. There are reports that some hotels and restos have closed for longer than usual this year because of the state of the economy. Sorrento is still busy but not too crowded in October. Well, it has been for the last 30 years or so but who knows these days?

Posted by Simon
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You will have no trouble getting a room in Sorrento in October. Your main choice is whether to stay in town or in the hills above town- all the hotels here provide a free and regular minibus service.
We stayed at a place called 'Il Nido' which was out of town with spectacular views and almost empty last month. Quite a few hotels shut over the winter months which is probably why you have received no reply. For me, no reply within 24hrs means no booking, and I'll take my custom elsewhere.

Posted by Paul
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The Ulisse is both wonderful and reasonable. We have stayed there twice and would do so again. It is much more hotel than hostel. The rooms are nice--staff wonderful and its within walking distance of most everything. Can,t say enough good things about it. Paul

Posted by Bev
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We chose not to stay in Sorrento itself but stayed in the town that is the last train stop before Sorrento. I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the town now. Sorrento was close enough that we could walk there to do laundry. I do remember that I was talking to some people and couldn't collect my luggage and get to the train's door to get off when my husband and our two friends did. I figured the train would be doing a round trip so I got off in Sorrento, got another ticket and was back in the missed town within an hour. I had only panicked a bit. Of course, my husband and friends had gone a little crazy but I was relatively calm. My panic was over and actually, people had been very helpful. My husband still chastises me for not paying better attention and for talking too much. :) I know there was quite a lot of Sorrento that we didn't get to see and that staying in the town would be much better. Good luck!

Posted by Shelley
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As mentioned before in this post - Il Nido is where we stayed 4 years ago on our 1st trip to Italy and it will not be forgotten. Views spectacular from the dining room balcony - and they have a shuttle bus that will pick you up at the station. Each day it will deliver you down into the town and pick you up late in the evening. We spent 3 days in Sorrento and 2 meals at this hotel. Excellent. and the breakfasts were very good and lots of choices. We plan on going again in the near future and will be hard pressed not to book this hotel again.

Posted by bruce
sauk rapids, mn
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Another plug for Il Nido. You won't be disappointed.
Have a safe trip !

Posted by Jan
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We also loved Hotel Il Nido. It's really worth the Fantastic views! You can also book day trips (Capri, Day long Amalfi Coast tour, etc.) using the brochures on display at the Hotel. The Hotel restaurant is really good. We ate dinner 2 nights out of the 5 we were there. The free shuttle to/from the city works really well. They also took us to the train station at the conclusion of our visit.

Posted by Larry
Madison, WI, USA
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Wow! Thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate it. Looks like we will have to take another look at Il Nido. We really liked the idea of being in amongst things, but if the shuttle is that good, and they even pick up and drop off at train station, maybe it would be worth it. We are planning on one day on Amalfi Coast and one day on Capri and just thought it would be easier to just stay in town and come and go as we please. Will have to think on it some more I guess.

Posted by Susan
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Il Nido always gets great reviews, so you can't go wrong staying there - but we prefer staying in Sorrento itself. It's our favorite town in Italy, very charming and fun. I wouldn't want to stay outside town. The three places you named are all good, I'd keep trying them.

Posted by Larry
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Thanks Susan, we relooked at Il Nido and for the price of the view with balcony, a little steep for our liking. I think we will stay with our first instincts and try for in town. Appreciate all the input. Will keep looking in town and try to figure out what would be best. Maybe someone else has more ideas. I don't know why this one city we are struggling with?!

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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Larry, at the top of this page is a "Search" box, if you put in Sorrento Hotels it will bring up lots of past threads with many recommendations that might be helpful to you :)

Posted by Linda
Plainview, New York, USA
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We stayed at Hotel Bristol in Sorrento and really liked it. Friends of ours felt the same way.