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Sleep in FCO airport

My flight departs FCO airport at 6:30 am on a Tuesday morning. I already ruled out staying in an airport hotel as it's expensive for just a few hours; plus I already booked my hotel in Rome for that night.
I suppose I can wake up in the middle of the night and take a cab to the airport. The alternative is to arrive at the airport close to midnight (last train arrive at 11:16pm) and sleep in the airport for a few hours. Both options are not particularly appearing to me; but if I have to choose I probably would go with the latter.
Does anyone know if FCO security will allow passenger with such early flight to sleep there?

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If you already have a hotel in Rome, stay there. At that time in the morning you are probably taking a intra Europe flight. It is sufficient therefore to be at the check in counter 75 min prior to departure (about 5:15 in your case). A taxi can take you to the airport in 30-35 min max at that early hour. The cost is €48 all inclusive. If you prefer public transportation the first Terrvavion bus departs from the Termini station at 4:40 and arrives at T3 at 5:25, which is still doable. The bus is only 6€. The train gets you there too late.

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Yes from FCO T1 I'll be flying to CDG to catch a flight back to US. I think most people would also agree with you about taking a taxi to the airport. The idea of waking up at 3am is just so unappealing, and €48 will get me quite a few tasty Amedei or Venchi chocolate bars :)
Terravision bus option won't be a good option for me since I'm not familiar with FCO and it arrives at 5:25am (assuming no delay), which give me only 1:05 hour to find my way to T1 and go through security check.
Do you know if FCO lets passengers hang out in the terminal in the middle of the night? But the more I think about it may be your suggestion of taking the taxi is the right option.
Thanks for your prompt response! Grazie!

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Funny I was looking at this website too! I actually tried to avoid this kind of early morning flight because I had done it before.
The afternoon flight from CDG to SFO in my original booking with Air France was canceled; so they rebooked me to these morning flights :(
I was just at the Singapore Changi Airport earlier this year. It has many quiet sleep area with comfy lounge chairs, designed and designated for passengers who want to nap. It's pretty amazing!
I kind of changed my mind and likely will just take a taxi like Roberto suggested. Taxi ride to airport in Europe is so expensive!
Thanks for your response to my question. Night!

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Taxi ride to airport in Europe is so expensive!

It's all relative, if the airport is a long distance away then the fare will be expensive conversely if you're travelling to an airport closer to the city the fare will be cheaper. Europe's a big place with airports located at varying distances.

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Just because they rebooked you to these flights doesn't mean you have to accept them. Go online and see if there is an alternative preferred flight then phone and ask to be rebooked.
I had tidy flights booked from Ottawa to San Francisco return....only one flight change. Both were cancelled and rebooked requiring overnight layovers coming and going. Their criteria was to keep my flights to one change only which entailed an extended layover. I went online and noted I could fly similar hours as original flight with 2 flight changes. As I carry on luggage, I didn't care. So called and got it rebooked.
If you get an advantageous strategy together beforehand, I find these phone calls work to your advantage.

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You can or at least our dil did when she missed her return flight home and had to hang out for 24 hrs waiting for her flight the next day. She had company.

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Airports are not quiet places overnight. I have had to pass a night in an airport (involuntarily) and it was awful! Lots of maintenance activities, cleaning floors, and raucous people. You may not dare to fall asleep as you protect your luggage. I would rather have 3 or 4 hours of sleep in a hotel and board my flight in clean clothes, damn the expense.,

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I won't do it again but several years ago I did spend the night at FCO. My plan actually worked - very late night in Rome (restaurant was wonderful about storing my luggage so I could take a last walk around Piazza Navona), then took a taxi to FCO. I got lucky and found two seats so I could curl up and sleep for a couple hours. I certainly was not alone! The men's room was freshly cleaned and there were lots of us in there washing up before early morning flights. Might have been more fun if I were a teenager!?!

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I made the mistake of booking my flight way too early (try 6 months); so I don't blame them if they need to adjust their schedule. I did look at the other AF flight options, and the only direct CDG-SFO flight available is the 10:20 flight I have. All the other flights require a stop somewhere in JFK, Atlanta, .... .Moral: don't book too early.

@west coast wanderer:
Thanks for the suggestion. TAM does run 24/7 which provides a lot of schedule flexibility; just not sure about walking to Termini in the middle of the night. But I will keep this in mind.

I will take a taxi to the airport. Thank you all for sharing your idea and stories!