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Skip Milan Layover In May 20 without Pay Travel Agent Penalty

I have a trip scheduled for May 7. I will fly from the US to Milan. The flight will fly to Frankfurt and then Milan. I will be flight out from Zurich. I bought the ticket through a travel agency. I asked the agency if I can skip the Milan stop. However the agency told me that I have to cancel the flight and rebook the trip and pay the agency penalty. The airline would not help me they just told me to contact the agency. I will wait until next month to see how the cornavirus progresses.

Could you please let me know how to best handle the situation?

It seems that the travel agency doesn't want to help.


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It is true that you would have to rebook the ticket completely and pay any difference in fare between the original ticket and the new ticket (that is what would happen if you both the ticket directly form an airline with no middleman). It sounds like there may be 2 penalties: an airline penalty for rebooking and an administrative fee from the travel agency. But there is nothing you can do except to work with them or just keep your schedule "as-is" - those are the only choices if the airline will not deal with you directly. Path of least resistance, my friend...

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If you skip the Frankfurt to Milan leg, the airline will cancel any further travel on that ticket and thus your return flight to the US would be canceled. It might not seem logical, but that is what they will do.

You will have to work through the travel agency if you want to change it.

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In the future book flights directly with the airline, no travel agents.

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Unless the airline cancels the flight or governmental action blocks it, you are probably stuck paying some fees if you want to change.

At this point it seems waiting does not make your situation worse, i.e. the fees will not be more later than they are now.

An option is to book yourself a way out of Milan( immediately after your arrival) to wherever it is you want to skip to. An additional flight may be cheaper than the cancellation fees.

What does the cancellation fees plus new tickets cost? With generally decreased travel the airline(s) may have lower fares to where you want to go, so may not get hurt so much. Make your agent earn their keep and work out some alternatives for you.

A complete re-do may not add significantly to the final cost.

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Thank you all for your help in this matter. I will be flying out from Zurich. I have multi city tickets and the only issue I have at this moment is arriving at Milan.