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Site restrictions during Covid in Venice

I'm pretty nervous about travel to Italy/Slovenia/Croatia starting this weekend. With the new EU recommendation on US travelers I'm a bit concerned but I'm also triple vaccinated and got my 3rd booster a week ago. It'll be ten days by the time I travel, with prior vaccinations in Dec/Jan. I know that I'll have to get at least five rapid tests to go from country to country (finding them may be a pain) but I think that the individual countries are still allowing vaccinated travelers if the tests are negative and the travel paperwork completed. Do people have luck using traveler's medical insurance to pay for the tests or is it all out of pocket? I understand they can be $50-100 per test or more. I'm also wondering if the various sites, galleries and public events are still happening in Venice, such as the International Film Festival and Glass Week? I'm staying on Murano. I would hate to go and simply have everything closed. For a first time solo traveler to Europe it's definitely a lot to juggle but I have an entire month.

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For permanent sights (as opposed to events like Glass Week), you can check the museums' websites to verify that they are open. You need to do that, anyway, because opening days and times may not be the same as they were pre-pandemic. If you Google Glass Week and can still see an active website that doesn't indicate postponement, that would be a good sign. The last time I looked (I have an interest in glass, too), it looked as if it was going to take place.

As far as I am aware, travel medical insurance usually requires the traveler to pay for things up front and file a claim for reimbursement later. I'd be extremely surprised if a travel medical policy covered the cost of tests taken simply to meet requirements for crossing borders, but I haven't scoped out the language of any policies recently.

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Many of the Glass Week activities and exhibits will be in Venice proper, not on Murano. That's going to have you traveling back and forth a lot. You should consider one of the multi-day vaporetto passes, or the weekly pass. Otherwise, those €7.50-per-ride tickets are going to be painful. The 3-day pass costs €40 (you come out ahead if you take 6 trips); the weekly pass is just €60, which will save you a lot if you stay that long.

I don't know anything about the testing requirements (if any) for traveling back and forth to Slovenia and Croatia. Be sure you understand what type of tests are accepted. Many countries are OK with antigen tests, I believe, and those are usually both a lot cheaper and a lot faster than PCR tests.

I haven't read anything here about Americans having difficulties getting into sightseeing attractions or taking trains in Italy with a CDC card in hand. One visitor has reported not being permitted to dine indoors at many restaurants, so that is something you may run into.

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Well, the Film Festival started today so that is not canceled. Last weekend Dolce & Gabbana held a huge fashion show in Venice so it seems to me that you will not get there to find everything closed.

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I’m in Venice right now. The Regata was today, also saw an Italian actor here for the film festival. I have seen tents/ displays as well for the Glass Festival. Everything seems to be open, but while empty is not accurate, it’s far from normal. We’ve been able to do pretty much what we want, even last minute. We’ve spent a lot of time being the only one in a back street, even near main sights. Although during the regata it was crowded, of course, but the crowds also evaporated quite easily.

We are first time travelers to Italy/ Europe. We’ve managed much easier than I expected. No issues with CDC cards. The language apps we used to cram the last two months have been sufficient so far to communicate. Most everyone seems to be pleased that we are trying, although they’re quick to show off their English too. I had an extensive talk with the lady next to me from Switzerland today, her English was impeccable. Only time we’ve heard English since we’ve landed.