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Siena Villa- Easy to travel to Rome/Florence/Cinque Terre area from here?

Looking for recommendations for a Villa in Siena for two couples, 1 week. Is it reasonable to travel around area from Siena, for day trips? Trains? Car.? We would not do car to Rome or Florence. Live in Seattle-know better.

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If staying in a Villa, a car will likely be necessary to get about, and in Tuscany that's often a good practice as some of the hill towns aren't well served by public transits. However, keep in mind the usual "caveats" for car rental......

  • EACH driver will require the compulsory International Driver's Permit, which is used in conjunction with the home D.L.
  • You'll have to be extremely vigilant to avoid ZTL (limited traffic) areas (ie: expensive fines).
  • Parking may be an issue in some towns.
  • If you travel the motorways, you'll have to deal with tolls and also speed cameras.

Other than Tuscany, using trains or Buses is often the best method. If you could provide some idea of your proposed Itinerary, I'm sure the group here will be able to offer lots of suggestions. When will this trip be taking place?

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not sure you'd want to drive to CT and back with only one week available. You'd probably be better off arranging for car service from your villa to the bus station in Siena

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I would suggest going into Florence for a long weekend before moving down to Siena to the villa. But it will take a rental car to see Tuscany. Roads are well paved and well marked, but just a little crooked.
You will be in an area to do some good day trips to all the surrounding hilltowns--like San Gimignano and Volterra. Orvieto is also not out of range for a day trip.

You're not going to be able to see the C/T as a day trip, however.

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Great tips Thanks!
Itinary is loose now as in first stages of planning. I have never been to Europe so is this plan feasible?

Mid April to Mid May span. Italy to France
I will go 3-4 weeks. Husband and daughter have 2 weeks off.
Husband and daughter with us at first. She is 35. We are from Seattle, WA.

Maybe fly into Pisa? Tuscany area to villa together first couple of days to relax and see area then girls will go to Florence and Cinque Terre few days to shop and my husband wants to go to Rome.

I will meet husband in Rome. Daughter will meet her husband to branch off in another direction for a couple of days. Then we will all meet in France; Burgundy region. Thinking stay overnight in Rome then fast train to Burgundy to see countryside or overnight sleep vs plane Rome to Marselle, France. Rent car and drive from there to Burgundy.

Thinking week 1 in villa in/near Siena area then week 2 in Burgundy. We love good wine, enjoy good restaurants and love to cook. I'm into art, walking and biking. We prefer a central villa and day trips so we can cook and have a place to do our wash.
I would also be interested seeing Provence, France and Riviera but they only have two weeks so I may have to drop down there myself week 3. Last week for me, I hope to meet a friend in Paris. Maybe train from Provence to Paris?

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As you're in Seattle, you might find it helpful to take a drive up to Edmonds one day and use the free Library at ETBD. There are LOTS of guidebooks there, and those will provide good information to help plan your trip. As this is your first trip to Europe, reading Europe Through The Back Door would be a good idea, as that provides a lot of good information on "how" to travel well in Europe (your local Library should have a copy).

You should be able to work out most of the details of your trip with advice from this Forum. You could also consider a personalized trip consultation at ETBD (for a small charge).

I'll comment on your most recent post later when I have more time.

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Rome is not a good day trip from Siena, it's too far. I would just visit the wonderful towns around Siena and not try to go so far abroad. There are enough small towns to keep you busy for weeks.