Siena to Venice transportation options?

Hi, I'm staying in Siena with my family for 6 days and was wondering if a day trip to Venice is at all possible. We are early risers and could leave by 6:30 am. What is the best mode of transportation? Bus (do they leave early and depart late?) Train (what times do they run?)
Rental Car (is this the best way to save time?) Thanks!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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You can take a SITA bus from Piazza Gramsci (in the Siena city center on top of the hill) to Florence. The SITA bus station in Florence is located practically across the piazza from the train station. The bus journey to Florence is 70 min. Then you take a high speed train from Florence to Venice. That's another 2 hr trip. So you are looking at at least 3.5 hours from Siena to Venice, when everything is said and done. An alternative is to take a train from Siena to Florence, instead of the bus. The train must swing by Empoli first, therefore takes 90 min. instead of 70 min. But since the train drops you inside the Florence station you save the 5 min walk from the bus station to the train station is Florence, therefore not much longer altogether. It might also be just as fast or faster if your family in Siena lives near the Siena train station rather than in the City center up the hill. Renting a car wouldn't be any faster than the train. You are looking at 3.5 hours of driving. Too tiring for a busy sightseeing day, especially coming back. train schedules: Sita bus schedule: