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siena or volterra

I want to spen a night in the hill towns, but I can't decide if it should be Siena or Volteraa. What should I do?

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I've heard many, many people say Siena is one of their favorite hilltop towns in Italy. (We sure loved it.) I haven't heard that about Volterra, although I'm sure it has its advocates.

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Linda - I have been to both Siena and Volterra, and either would be a good choice. Volterra is much smaller than Siena and more difficult to get to using public transportation. Siena has more sights and is easy to reach. If you want to stop in a hill town between Florence and Rome using public transportation, Siena would be the better choice. If you will have a car or your itinerary is different, post some more information and I'll add some additional thoughts.

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Thanks to all for the advice it has been very helpful. I am planning on staying in Siena.

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Linda- it all depends on what you want-

Siena is a very large hill town, with more urban flavor, many more options, a lot more art... but with that comes a lot more people, and, while the Centro is supposed to be "pedestrian friendly", last time we were there we were constantly, constantly assaulted by cars forcing their way through the pedestrians on the streets.

Volterra has all the flavor of a hill town, with wonderful views, excellent food, and good hotels, but besides a little shopping and alabaster quarries, there's not much else to see- other than just experience Tuscany in its glory. (And that, for us, was an exquisite experience)

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VOLTERRA! It is what comes to mind when you think of a medieval Tuscan village. Siena was disappointing, even though it is beautiful.