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Side Trip to most famous Architectural Blunder

I travel mostly to see Buildings, amazing natural features and historical places, but my emphasis is on structures (i so architectural design for a living)
So i am considering a trip to Florence and I was wondering how difficult/time consuming a side trip to Pisa to see the most famous Architectural Blunder in history, aka the “Leaning tower” would take.
I dont need to spend time in Pisa, just pop over see the screw up and pop back to Florence.

I could even do it on the way to or from Florence but i don't think that actually works. As Milan and Rome are before and after (still working out which way, but leaning towards Rome/Florence/Milan)

I know a lot of folks say it is not worth the time but…. It is on my bucket list. So i have to get there eventually.

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Hour or so by train plus 30 minute bus ride.


Venice is sinking. Its unique. Consider seeing it.

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Easily do it on a day trip from Florence. The Leaning Tower is part of the Piazza dei Miracoli that included a Duomo and Baptistery that should be visited as well.

The Piazza dei Miracoli is located away from the downtown Pisa and train station, but easily found by taxi.

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Venice is not going to sink within our lives and the square in Pisa is called "The Field of MiracleS" and not "The Field of a Single Miracle" for a quite prominent couple of reasons.

Incidentally, the 2 architects who decided to resume the works in 1275, 100 years after the first subsidence, and to build the last four floors were quite right.

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You can easily do a day trip from Florence that includes both Pisa and Lucca. Lucca is a bit off the tourist radar vs Pisa (or at least the Instagram crowd), but well worth visiting. Lucca has some interesting architectural elements, too. Don't know if they are what you might be interested in.

1) Lucca has one of the best intact renaissance city walls. Napoleon's sister turned the walls into a park area in the 1800's, so it is a great walking biking area. Lots of info on the web about how walls were upgrade from both Roman and Medieval versions. 6 city gates. How they were built, etc.
2) Lucca also has TORRE GUINIGI, a medieval tower, but this one is unique in that it has holm oak trees growing on top. Historical city records show that the trees have been there since at least the 1600s, within less than 300 years of the tower being built. Pretty unique among all the towers wealthy renaissance Italians loved to build.
3) Plus, Lucca is just a wonderful small city to visit
Earth Trekkers web site has a nice write up on how to do both in 1 day trip from Florence.
Or you can spend the night in Lucca and then head back to Florence.
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Have a great trip.

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If it is any 'Leaning Tower' Pisa has several. Bologna has one. I think a quick search will find a goodly number dotted around the country and may be in a city on your itinerary.
Please also visit the Baptistry and ask the guard if he will sing. Being up in the dome when a guard started to sing a capella is one of my warmest travel memories. I am no musician but the acoustics are so wonderful in the building it brought me to tears.