Sicily lodging near ETNA

Flying into Catania in the morning. Renting a car and hope to visit Mt Etna same day. Eventual destination Cefalu. Can anyone recommend a place to stay one night after visiting Etna which is on the way to Cefalu?. Have stayed in Taormina before and not our favorite spot ( a little too touristy). Are there any other towns worthy of a stay? Any specific hotels that one can recommend? Thanks Jim

Posted by Kim
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I agree with you about Taormina. Do you know/have a preference for whether you'll go inland across to Cefalu, or go along the coastal route up to Messina and then back around?

Posted by Jim
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I prefer to head north. One thought was visiting the north flank of Etna ( ? Randazzo ), spend the night, and then head over the mountains to the north coast. But looks like a very windy road. Has anyone taken this route or visited Randazzo? Or perhaps best to drive via coastal autostradas . Thanks

Posted by Steve
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Jim, post your question on Trip Advisor. One of the Sicily regulars, probably Vagabonda, should have some good info for you.

Posted by Andre L.
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I know the area well. The roads are slow, but not dangerous as long as you drive on appropriate speeds. It is a more remote part of the Etna. There are some interesting villages on the way, some of them have a particular look of buildings with walls blackened by years and years of small ash rain. There is actually a hotel on the base of the cable cars (Hotel Corsario). There is no better place to see lava flowing in bright red at night (if there is any) than there.

Posted by Ron
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Drove the route between Fuimmefreddo di Sicilia and Randazzo. Don't remember it being too bad. A little twisty in areas but ok. Randazzo was a cool place to spend a few hours.

Posted by Leif
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Does anyone have any mount etna tour recommendations? Thank you.

Posted by donna
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I sent you a private message, and if you have a car you might want to check out Villa Antonella Agriturista if you're into staying on a farm. This one is quite beautiful, and more of an estate than a farm. They have a face book page, or you can probably contact them through as well. PM if you want more info. We spent an afternoon there, but we didn't have a car and stayed in Taormina.