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Sicily in April

We are planning a trip to Sicily for the last two weeks of April.
In looking at past weather reports, it seems it will be cool to a little bit warm.... in general.
I'm wondering if any of you who have been there at that time of year can tell me what sort of weather you experienced then?
Every year will be different, I'm just looking for general impressions.
Also, did you need either heat or AC in your accommodations, or was it just comfortable without either?
Thank you!

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I visited Sicily during the summer; congratulations on not making that mistake!

You can find actual, day-by-day weather data for most cities of tourist interest on the website The statistics generally cover the most recent ten years.

Palermo April 2022
Palermo April 2021
Palermo April 2020
Palermo April 2019
Palermo April 2018

Siracusa April 2022
Siracusa April 2021
Siracusa April 2020
Siracusa April 2019
Siracusa April 2018

Those are both coastal cities. It might be different in the interior, and at altitude (Mt. Etna?) it will certainly trend colder.

I'm lazy about precipitation, generally just looking at the climate-summary chart typically included in Wikipedia's city entries and comparing the rain statistics to those for my hometown.

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Thanks acraven! I used this to check out temperatures for May. Cooler than I expected-60s and 70s for highs most year except one year over 100 for several days!

Guess have to be prepared for all weather!

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I'd take layers and hope not to need them. But it can be quite cool in the morning--say before 9 or 10 AM, and again after sunset. My first-choice layer is a fleece jacket. When it warms up, I take it off and tie the sleeves around my waist. It's not a good look, but I'm less likely to lose the jacket that way.

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We went two years ago to Sicily. In February. Weather was great. Sunny and maybe a jacket.
You will be fine. I just pulled up some of our pictures to see what we were wearing. Sometimes my puff jacket. Wife in a sweater. Remember, this was in February.
Seems we always go shoulder season. Crete this past October. And now, this year, early April, to Croatia.

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We went for 3.5 weeks in April of 2022 and expected warm, dry weather. We actually had just a couple days of that, but had mostly cool, overcast and rain for 3 days when we were in Randazzo (by Mt, Etna). The weather was certainly not what we expected. AC was not needed.

We did have lovely weather in Siracusa and Cefalu.

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Hi S J, A few years ago I was in Sicily - Palermo province, in early to mid April. We had very pleasant weather, no rain that I can remember. In the mornings and evenings we needed jackets or sweaters but by mid day it was warm enough to take them off and enjoy the sunshine. I imagine daytime temps were in the mid to upper sixties. I also remember that the wild flowers in Sicily were in full bloom. Very pretty, especially the hills and valleys around Segesta. I know for certain we did not use AC in our rooms on that trip and I don't think we had any heat on either. For me it was very pleasant travel and siteseeing weather.

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We were in Sicily beginning April 22, 2022. I just checked my pictures to see what we were wearing during each day. The trip started in Palermo and my husband wore a lined windbreaker with a scarf. Within the next day or two he was starting the day with the jacket and then just a polo shirt during the day. It got warmer from there and pictures show everyone in short sleeves the following week. For the remainder of the trip there were warm days and cool days with a few rain showers thrown in. AC was available and we never needed heat, but we usually slept with the windows open. We departed Sicily May 6th.

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After I saw Sicily in the movie The Godfather the weather didn't matter to me. Vice versa. Without rain you don't feel life

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Not sure what you mean?
We don’t mind a little rain.

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Hi Mr. SJ.
Congratulations and best wishes for your trip!
We are also planning our 10days trip to Sicily in the middle of May after a transatlantic cruise to Rome.
Our itinary:
3days palermo. ( Cefalu etc).
Rent car, drive to Siacca?, one night, Agriganto one night, view Valley of the temples, drive to Ragusa 1 nite, Siracusa 2nights, Catania 3 nites to visit Etna Taormina and possibly Villa Rumania?.
Staying south of Catania nearby beach, close to airport.
Not driving in Palremo or Catania.
Any comments?
I also appreciate if you are able to post your experience of traveling in Sicily during or after your trip. (I did not find any trips in May by others. Also concerned, not worried abou driving).

Wish you and your family the best!!

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So sorry SJ.
I do not know how I got you as Paul. My sincere apologies!!!

Change was made.

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April is good.

Unlike summer when it's hotter in the interior, in April there is not a significant difference between the coast and the interior in terms of temperatures, unless of course you go to higher altitudes.